Car Buff Shares Love of Vintage Glitz

PALM BEACH GARDENS – Stephen Siben beamed like a proud parent as a grou

p of admirers gathered around his bright red Marlin.


Stephen Siben’s vintage 1965 Marlin at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach.

The vintage 1965 beauty, a rare sighting in the world of classic cars, was a car show curiosity that almost always drew questions and compliments.

Florida Fine Cars caught up with Mr. Siben at a recent Cars and Coffee Palm Beach meet up to hear more about the car that was built by Rambler for just three years, and his love for collecting.

“Orphan” Cars are the Foundation for New York Car Lover’s Collection

“I like orphan cars,” explained Siben, 80, a Long Island attorney and avid car collector with a seasonal home in South Florida. “I have a DeSoto, a Packard, a Studebaker and a Hudson. I’m an insane car collector.”


Stephen Siben talks about his 1965 Marlin.

His cherry red Marlin is among his favorites. Why? Because of its oddball status.

“The Marlin is a very special car – not very expensive but it’s nice,” Siben said. The Rambler Marlin (AMC Marlin) is a two-door fastback automobile that was produced by American Motors Corporation from 1965 to 1967. It was marketed as a personal luxury car and known as “Rambler Marlin”.

Its most striking feature is the sloped fastback roofline that terminates at the rear bumper.

The vehicle has about 60,000 miles on it, and was restored by previous owners. It has six-way electric seats that fully recline but no power windows.Trim packages weren’t standard, Siben explained, so when the Marlin was sold, buyers custom-ordered their car to include or exclude certain features. Every vehicle was different.

His Marlin is dripping with chrome, a feature that makes many vintage cars so appealing, Siben said.

“Look at this chrome! It’s beautiful,” Siben said, as he walked around his Marlin, pointing out the gleaming silver trim.“The new cars are very ugly but they are safer with air bags and crash bumpers. These (vintage) cars are beautiful, with lots of chrome on them. The engines are beautiful too.”

The personal injury lawyer said he’s always owned nice cars but doesn’t collect any of the vehicles that he’s driven in the past, such as Jaguars and Maseratis. Today he’s interested in cars that sport the glitz of yesteryear.

“I buy now the cars I never had,” he said.

He drives them, too.

“I go to car shows up in New York all summer and fall and then in winter I come to Florida.  I have small to medium cars,” he said. “On a Sunday I take one of my cars out, with the top down, and people give me the thumbs up. I am an 80-year-old guy and it makes me feel good.”

Eclectic Vintage Cars With Chrome are Headturners

His collection changes regularly. Siben buys vintage vehicles when they strike his fancy, and then sells something in his collection to make room for the new arrival.

Right now his favorites include a lime green Plymouth Barracuda, a 1959 Edsel with a retractable convertible roof, a red 1957 Thunderbird, a black 1984 Zimmer with a red interior and two custom Ghias, a 1962 steel blue model once owned by actress Lucille Ball and a 1957 red Ghia convertible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“I like them all,” he said laughing, when asked to single out his favorite.

One of his most unusual vehicles is a 1964 amphicar with a Volkswagen transmission and a Porsche transaxle. The vehicle has two propellors and can traverse land and water. Siben takes it in the water up in New York.

“It’s still seaworthy,” he laughed.

His car collecting hobby is part of what keeps him young, Siben said smiling. He travels to car auctions all over the country, hopscotching from South Dakota and California to Indian, Florida, Illinois and Texas. And when he sees something he likes, he adds it to his collection, which totals around two dozens cars.

His wife Sherry is supportive, as long as she doesn’t have to attend all the car shows anymore, he said.

“She retired from going to car shows,” Siben chuckled. He also agreed NOT to add to his collection unless he sells some of his existing collectibles.

“I always go shopping but I made a deal,” he grinned sheepishly. “If I don’t sell four cars I won’t buy anything.”

His take on Cars and Coffee?

“There were thousands of cars and they ran out of parking. It’s fabulous,” Siben said.

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Car Show is Backdrop for Photography Class

PALM BEACH GARDENS – Taking GOOD photos of cars is a lot trickier than it seems.

Photo by Maylon Rodriguez

Just ask the students in Isidro Pentzke’s photography class at the Fine Arts Academy at Wellington High School. Pentzke recently took them to the Cars and Coffee Palm Beach car show to take auto pictures. They found out just how challenging it can be and shared their thoughts with Florida Fine Cars:

“There’s a lot of things with cars. They reflect a lot of light so it messes up the photos,” confessed Maylon Rodriguez, 15, who was taking pictures with a Nikon D-3400 at the crowded car show. “It’s my first time taking pictures of cars. A lot of the time you have to step back a bit and study the scene and study what you have to work with. It’s an enlightening experience.”


Students from Wellington High School pose with teacher Isidro Pentzke and Florida Fine Cars employees at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach.

Photographing Cars Poses Tricky Challenges

The sun reflects off just about every surface on a car. It’s hard to get the whole car in one frame. And sometimes when you do, it still looks wrong. Those are a few of the things the students discovered, and exactly the type of experiences Pentzke wanted his photography students to have. His goal was to get them thinking instead of relying on the camera to do all the work.

“The biggest thing I wanted was to get them out of that program mode and let them learn about light,” Pentzke said.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pentzke is a Wellington High School alumni with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Lesley University in Boston. He came back to the high school he attended to teach students what he loved.

But getting the right equipment to teach kids photography is expensive. So Pentzke had to be creative. He applied for and received approximately $80,000 in grant money, and his students raised about $10,000 selling cookie dough and candy. He was able to equip his students with state-of-the-art equipment.


Isidro Pentzke talks to his students about photography at a Cars and Coffee car show.

Pentzke purchased 15 new Nikon cameras with lenses, along with new three top notch printers and 28 new laptop computers. His students were able to get certified to use Photoshop.

“We bus in a lot of kids who may not be able to afford a camera that allows us to do what we teach. I wrote a proposal and told the school this isn’t a theory class, this is a hands-on class,” Pentzke said.

Pentzke was thrilled with the photos his students shot at the Cars and Coffee car show. He challenged the students to get him 10 really good shots each and they delivered.

“They did really well,” Pentzke said.

Students Embrace Hands-On Learning in Outdoor Setting

Taking his photography students OUT of the classroom is part of learning how to capture real life in images, he noted.


Wellington HS photo students pose with Florida Fine Cars employees at Cars and Coffee Palm.

“We try to get at least once a month different locations. The reason I take them out there is to get them out there in the real world. In my classroom everything is controlled but when we go into the world everything changes,” Pentzke said. “The clouds are one way or the light on the cars is changing. They have to figure out how am I going to meter this car, where is the light coming from and how am I going to frame this car?”

When Rodriguez looked at the photos he had taken, he was happy.

“I was actually pretty impressed with how I did taking pictures of the cars. I did better than I thought I actually did,” Rodriguez said. “The challenge I ran into was pretty much the lighting. A lot of the light was reflecting off the cars and there were a lot of reflections with people in them. I was proud of how detailed they came out and the different angles.”

Photo by Angelina Guadagna

Senior Angelina Guadagna, 17, a car buff who loves to shoot pictures of cars, had a blast finding out what she could do with a camera at the car show.

“I love cars and think they photograph incredibly well. I’ve been studying photography about six years and have gone to multiple different car shows,” said Guadagna, who uses a Sony II 35mm camera. “This is one of the biggest and it’s great being out here with all these different cars and being able to challenge yourself to take pictures of them. It’s tons of fun.”

Photo by Stephanie Monaco

Guadagna was pleased with her photos.

“It was a beautiful day out so the sun provided great lighting. The only issue I ran into was that people turned up in the background,” she said. She said Pentzke encourages his students to come up with new ideas for subject matter and locations for taking photos.

“He really lets us express our creativity,” Guadagna said.

Photography student Stephanie Monaco, 16, a junior, said it was a learning experience shooting cars.

Photo by David Sanchez

“It’s really cool. I like the old cars. My dad’s really into those so I have an appreciation for that too,” Monaco said.

Student David Sanchez, 17, also a junior, said the car show was a great opportunity to practice photography.

“I’m just here to get better at what I do,” Sanchez said. “If you’re not learning something new about photography you’re really not a photographer. I just enjoy doing this. I love my teacher. He’s really helped me to improve.”

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What to Do if You’re in an Auto Accident


Auto crashes can be scary and stressful, making it easy to forget what information you need to gather.

Auto accidents can be frightening and stressful and if you’re involved in one, it’s easy to forget what to do. Florida Fine Cars has compiled some important tips for drivers based on advice from major insurers State Farm, Geico and Travelers.

First and foremost, don’t panic. Accidents are frightening but they can happen to anyone. Keep calm and take a deep breath. There are many actions you NEED to take so it’s essential you stay calm.

  1. Always stop your vehicle. Even if you don’t think there is any damage. Driving away from the scene of an accident can get you into big trouble with the law.
  2. Check on all drivers and passengers. Get medical attention for anyone who is hurt and don’t move anyone who appears to have a neck or back injury.
  3. Call the police if there is significant vehicle damage and get the name and badge numbers of the officers who respond.
  4. Limit discussion of the accident with the other party and don’t admit to any fault or liability. Discuss the accident with your insurance representative, medical professionals and the police only.
  5. Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident. It is also important to obtain the name and phone number of the insurance company and policy number for all involved in the crash as well as the make and model of other involved vehicles. Jot down the license plate numbers of other involved vehicles as well.
  6. Contact your insurance company’s emergency claims number and let them know what happened. Call them from the scene of the accident if possible.
  7. Write down the date and time of the accident, the address, the road you were on and the direction you were traveling and the direction the other car or cars were traveling. Make notations of any relevant driving conditions.
  8. Take pictures if at all possible for your records.
  9. Do NOT admit fault. Simply report the facts.

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Cars with Senior-Friendly Features Make Driving Easier and Safer


Vehicles with adjustable power seats and adjustable pedals may make driving easier for aging motorists.

Aging drivers who want to remain safe on the roads must be aware of new challenges they may face and find ways to adjust.

For example, senior drivers might find it more difficult to turn their heads to watch for oncoming traffic. Braking at a moment’s notice may be more difficult due to physical changes.

It’s also smart to take advantage of some of the new technology that makes driving a car easier. Features like adjustable power seats, a low door threshold and adjustable foot pedals are amenities that can make driving safer for anyone.


Backup cameras can reduce the need for painful twisting and turning.

Bonus features like heated seats can reduce driving discomfort while backup cameras can increase driving proficiency.

According to, the best vehicle to accommodate senior drivers include features that support upper and lower mobility issues, reduced stature, weight gain, arthritis and vision impairment.

Features like adjustable lumbar support, large wide-angle mirrors and large windows are also a big plus. Parking aides such as backup cameras and front and rear parking sensors can reduce the need for painful twisting and turning, according to

Florida Fine Cars checked in with Mayo Clinic to find out the best ways aging drivers can stay safe. Here’s the well-grounded advice we received:

7 tips from the Mayo Clinic to help seniors drive safely

  1. Stay physically active. A physically active driver will find it easier to turn the steering wheel, look over their shoulder and react with greater speed. Drivers should remain active by walking, stretching or doing strength exercises to remain physically fit, the Mayo Clinic suggests.
  2. Schedule regular vision and hearing tests. Vision and hearing can decline with age, so it’s important to have both checked annually to remain safe on the road. Certain vision-related ailments like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts can make it difficult to drive at night or even see properly during the day. Hearing issues could pose a safety risk for a driver who could not hear a train horn or the wail of an ambulance siren. Getting such medical conditions treated can reduce the risk of an accident.
  3. Address chronic health conditions. Ongoing health issues such as diabetes, epilepsy or a heart condition must be properly regulated to avoid a medical emergency on the road that could cause a traffic accident. Taking care of your health not only protects you but other drivers on the road, who could be affected if you are unable to safely control your own vehicle.
  4. Know your limitations. If your eyesight is poor, choose a vehicle with larger, easier-to-read dials on the dashboard or one that has safety features that help you change lanes and manage your blind spot.
  5. Drive when the roads are in good condition. Senior drivers can improve their driver safety by driving during the day. Remember, rain and snow can make driving treacherous.
  6. Stay focused. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents. Stay off your cell phone, plan your route, and keep your eyes on the road. If you are worried about getting lost, program your GPS to help you stay on track.
  7. Stay current. Update your driving skills regularly so you know your strengths and weaknesses. Take a refresher course if you need one, and if you feel unsafe behind the wheel, stop driving. With ride services like Uber and Lyft, taxis and public transportation, a ride is just a phonecall away.

(Source: The Mayo Clinic)

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Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,500 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport, and in MargateHollywood and Miami.

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Auto Show Eats Satify Hungry Car Show Crowd

NORTH PALM BEACH – The line at Little Snokyo was 10 people deep and John Salazar and his wife Nicole were up to their elbows in ice.


Conor Defreitas enjoys a blueberry snowcone.

Nearby, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens glistened in the glare of the mid-morning sun. The mercury topped 80 and the air was sticky and hot. Customers forked over $5 a scoop as fast as the Salazars could dish it out.

It was a broiling day at Cars and Coffee and business was blazing.

“Rainbow is the most popular: cherry, blue raspberry and lemon,” Salazar said. “It tastes good and looks pretty.”

So what’s the link between cool cars and fun food? Florida Fine Cars caught up with Salazar at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach to find out.

“It’s endless summer in Florida. It’s always hot, and people want to bring their families to the car scene and have family time,” Salazar said.

Salazar’s snow cone truck is a regular at the popular car show. He typically brings 100 pounds of ice and eight gallons of flavored syrup so he can serve 100-150 show cones to car enthusiasts looking for a break.


Little Snokyo serves up to 150 snowcones during the Cars and Coffee car show.

“I once had a buddy who drove all the way from Miami to West Palm Beach to get the snow cones. It’s a win-win,” Salazar said. “The kids love it and the adults like to relive their childhood with it.”

Conor Defreitas, 5, is one of those kids. His dad bought him a blueberry-flavored snow cone which promptly turned his tongue blue.

“It’s hot and it’s what kids enjoy. Why not?”said Ricardo Defreitas, of Hollywood.

The snow cone truck often causes some buzz itself.

It’s a 1992 Daihatsu Hijet micro van Salazar modified to serve as a food truck. The vehicle came with a three-cylinder engine which he replaced with a six cylinder motorcycle engine. Salazar, his wife and son Dominic, 10, have driven it as far north as Daytona Beach.


Waffles and chicken sells for $11 a plate, a popular favorite.

A short distance away, the Waffle Wagon was drawing crowds. Customers clamored for plates of chicken and waffles as quick as Loxahatchee residents Sal and Kelley Accardi could serve the $11 meals up.

“We usually do about 150-200 customers in that little time frame – that translates into 150-200 waffles, some with chicken and some without,” Sal Accardi said.

Other popular treats include waffles with Nutella or soft-serve ice cream flavored with carmelized bananas, at $7 a serving.

The Waffle Wagon opens for business at 8 a.m. and usually sells out by 11 a.m. And the line never ends.

That Accardi sets up shop at a car show is no surprise. He’s been building show cars himself for over 25 years, ranging from crazy hydraulic dancing cars to slammed lowrider trucks. But his daily driver IS his food truck, and it’s not a regular car. Inside is all chrome with custom everything.

Walk to the north end of the car show lot and you can’t miss the smokey smell of Meathead’s BBQ.


Shay Hicks and her husband Marcel serve BBQ from Meathead’s BBQ food truck.

Marcel and Shay Hicks cook up their mouth-watering magic.

Marcel, the pit master, might run through 36 pounds of brisket and a case of pulled pork at a single car show.

“I have a line from the time we open up to the time we close,” Marcel chuckled. “When you have car shows people come out and they are out for a few hours and they get hungry. Barbecue is just a hit. They go together.”

Meathead’s BBQ is a family-owned and operated small-business with the motto, ”Straight From The Grill To Your Plate.”

Marcel began barbecuing for fundraiser’s for high school events for his children and it took off from there. Now it’s the family business.

“I love what I do,” he said.

Want to blow smoke out your nose and mouth?


Naty and Ash Zariat serve Tornado potatoes, Dragon Breath cereal and lamb gyros.

Check out Tornado Food, home of the novelty cereal known as

Dragon Breath, a fruity delight soaked in liquid nitrogen. When you eat the super-crunchy cold treat, white “smoke” billows out your nose and mouth.

“A lot of people get it and they like to take pictures by the cars and blow the smoke out of mouth and nose,” said Naty Zariat, who runs Tornado food with her husband Ash. “It’s a lot of fun. They share the pictures on social media.”

She also serves the spiral-cut “tornado potato” on a stick, plain or loaded with cheese sauce, sour cream, green onions and bacon.

Gyros with lamb, and the hummus with chips are also big crowd pleasers.

Delray Beach resident Howard Jacobs and Fort Lauderdale resident Ira Horowitz tried the lamb gyros and swore they were perfection.


Howard Jacobs and Ira Horowitz dined on lamb gyros at Cars and Coffee.

Fresh vegetables, good aroma, the meat was tasty and the pita was soft, said Horowitz, event coordinator for the Ferrari Club of America.

“I’m a foodie. I love food and I even had a cigar afterwards,” Horowitz chuckled.

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Florida Fine Cars Earns Top National Ranking AGAIN

FFC_TOP100 aerial(MIAMI – For the second year in a row, Florida Fine Cars, a family-owned, independent used car dealer, has been nationally ranked by Auto Remarketing Magazine as one of the top used car dealers in the country.

Florida Fine Cars has stores in West Palm Beach, Margate, Hollywood and Miami. The dealership has also recently launched a car subscription service, Ameridrive, available by downloading a convenient phone app.

Florida Fine Cars’ 2017 annual sales qualified the dealership for inclusion in the magazine’s annual “Top 100 Used Car Dealers” list. Dealers were selected for the “Top 100” list based on dealer rankings data provided by Cross-Sell Reports, which collects sales data via state Departments of Motor Vehicles, according to the magazine.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.24.29 PMFlorida Fine Cars Miami was also included in the magazine’s “Top 25 Traditional Model Independent Dealers” list, a high honor that distinguishes used car dealers based on high-volume sales. This year Florida Fine Cars ranked 16th. National chains were not included in either list.

Great Service Plus Great Cars Equal Strong Sales

The rankings focus on “some of the strongest used-car selling independent stores in the country,” Auto Remarketing notes.

“This is where we highlight some of the strongest used car selling independent stores in the country,” the magazine states.

The “Top 100” list was published in Auto Remarketing’s June 1, 2018 edition.

FFC Logo New CarFlorida Fine Cars’ ranking is a tribute to the company’s determination to offer quality cars at competitive prices coupled with responsive customer service that is second to none, said Florida Fine Cars Marketing Manager Jamie Suid.

“Customers will only return again if you give them great service in addition to great used cars,” Suid said. “Our rankings are evidence that Florida Fine Cars is the total package. We take care of our customers and make sure they get the car they want with top notch service.”

The Florida Fine Cars family is proud to have once again been included on the “Top 100” list, he added.

“This is the result of a team effort from management on down,” Suid said. “It’s a huge accomplishment and we will continue working to get our ranking even higher next year.”

Florida Fine Cars Makes Used Car Shopping Easy

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,500 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport, and in MargateHollywood and Miami.

Used car shopping has never been so easy. Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and take home your dream car today!

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Flashy Formula One Novelty Has Collectible Appeal


Tramontana Formula One car on display at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach.

NORTH PALM BEACH – It’s brilliant blue, street legal and about as bad as it can be.

But this Formula One car by Tramontana isn’t just another race car.

It’s a rare, high-powered novelty for the car collector who has everything. And it will definitely turn heads!

“If you want to be the only guy in your town with this car, you will be the only guy in your town AND your state,” said Ozzie Saez, international sales representative with Tramontana. “For a while there are only two in the United States – one in Houston and the other is here in Florida.”

Florida Fine Cars caught up with Tramontana at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach, where curiosity-seekers and admirers surrounded their cool car all morning.

Car Assembly Operation to Move from Spain to Miami

The Barcelona, Spain-based company has produced about 12 of the sleek Supercars a year since it was founded in 2005. Cost per car is approximately $750,000.

According to Saez, the company is moving a portion of its operations to South Florida, where it will assemble the Formula One cars in a facility near Homestead-Miami Speedway.


Tramontana Supercar is a rare reproduction car. Pricetag: $750K.

Tramontana is still trying to determine if it will only do final assembly at the South Florida location, or bring over the molds and build the cars from scratch here, Saez said.

Each car is customized, based on what the buyer is seeking. Everything from seating capacity and windshield configuration to paint and wheels is tailored to the buyer’s individual taste.

The Tramontana website promotes the cars’ one-of-a-kind lure.

“Each Tramontana is different and unique, much more than a simple vehicle. It feels as if it were the artist’s most valuable jewel or finest piece of art,” the website says. “It’s limited production turns each single vehicle into something entirely custom-made, in the most exclusive way,” the website says.

Car enthusiasts are urged to view the Tramontana as a unique work of art instead of a simple car.

The brilliant blue car that was displayed at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach was built with an open cockpit and a passenger’s seat. Saez predicts that whoever buys that Supercar will want to someday put it on the road.

“The biggest variant is the engine output,” Saez noted. “The base engine is 600 HP and we can build up to 1100 HP very reliably.”

Supercars are Super Cool … to Show Off


This Tramontana Formula One car was surrounded by admirers at a recent Cars and Coffee Palm Beach event.

So what does somebody do with a radical ride like this?

Show it off!

“When you buy a car like this you are taking it out on a perfect day, to a special event. It’s a very special car. As a street legal car, people are using it for special events,” Saez said.

The car is built out of carbon fiber, so it only weighs about 2,400 pounds.

Part of the lure is the “wow” factor.

“Some of the things we’ve developed in this last year alone include carbon ceramic brakes and three different cockpit options. The open top is available with a wind deflector and three different wind screens: a 4-inch wind deflector and 8-inch and 12-inch tall wind screens that wrap around and pull back over the dashboard,” Saez noted.

Although their clientele is an exclusive crowd, Tramontana cars are still being driven on six different continents, Saez said.

“These (owners) are very private and very, very wealthy with 200+ car collections,” Saez chuckled. “At $750,000, it’s not for everyone to throw at a car they are going to use maybe once or twice a year.”

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Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,500 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport and in MargateHollywood and Miami.

Used car shopping has never been so easy. Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and drive home the used car of your dreams.

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Ever Dream of Driving a Race Car?


David Tuaty, owner of TLM Racing, teaches car enthusiasts how to become race car drivers.


PALM BEACH GARDENS – When it comes to fast cars and cool rides, driver coach David Tuaty is a dream maker.

“We make race car drivers,” said Tuaty, the owner of TLM Racing and a longtime professional race car driver who runs a race car driver school in Miami. “We have a full time racing team and a racing shop.”

And whether you’re a kid, or an adult who stills FEELS like a kid, Tuaty can teach you to race.

Florida Fine Cars caught up with David at a recent Cars and Coffee Palm Beach auto show at the Palm Beach Outlets Mall to find out more.

Racing School Offers Instruction to Drivers of All Ages and Skill Levels

“I have 14, 15 and 16 year olds who want to be the next superstar,” Tuaty said. “We take them to the track and do regular track days.”FFC Logo New Car

Tuaty’s own racing career began in SCCA Amateur road racing. He went on to win the SCCA Endurance Championship series in 1998. Currently, he has two wins in the Koni Challenge Series along with eight podiums. He also has a win and second place as driver and team owner of SCCA pro Trans Am series.

TLM racing offers everything from BMW and Porsche Racing, driver coaching, race car rental, race car prep and a teen academy.

Would-be race car drivers can rent a track privately or piggyback with a track day for a private organization and share the instructor.

Depending on where the student lives and track availability, students may drive on tracks anywhere from Homestead to Palm Beach, Daytona, Sebring and Fort Lauderdale.

“You call it, arrive and drive,” Tuaty said. “You come with your helmet and you leave with your helmet.”

Racing School Offers Special Instruction and Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

One of the family-friendly offerings at TLM is a teen driving academy held at Homestead Miami Speedway that offers one on one car instruction and classroom sessions and promises to teach proper braking, accident avoidance, car control skills, situational awareness and emergency lanes changes.


The crew from TLM Racing answered questions about their racing school during a recent Cars and Coffee meet.

The TLM website notes that 16-year-old drivers have a higher crash rate than drivers of any other age. The next teen driving academy is scheduled for July 21, 2108.

The driver coaching program offers professional instructors and features high tech GPS Data technology that provides instant feedback to help drivers correct techniques while driving. Instruction is custom-tailored to each individual driver.

Under the race car rental program, would-be race car drivers receive professional track support and video coaching throughout the weekend. Drivers can race in any of TLM’s winning and proven Porsche GT3 Cup cars or BMWs, including the BMW E46 M3, BMW E46 325i, BMW E36 325i, BMW E30 325i and Honda Civic Si.

TLM also offers race car preparation services, ranging from full maintenance to cage, paint, seats, suspension, software and safety.

Florida Fine Cars Makes Used Car Shopping Easy

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,500 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Margate, Hollywood and Miami.

Used car shopping has never been so easy. Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and test drive the car of your dreams.

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Auto Enthusiasts Enjoy Dog Day Afternoons at Car Meet


This gallery contains 12 photos.

NORTH PALM BEACH — Nico Marin cuddled his fuzzy tan puppy and smiled as passersby made their way past pricey Porsches and Lamborghini’s to “ooh” and “ah” at his pooch. The 17-week-old Shibu Inu with the curly, wagging tail was … Continue reading

Florida Fine Cars Improves Service with Customer Email Connection


Used cars fill the showroom at Florida Fine Cars.

MIAMI – When it comes to customer service, Florida Fine Cars is king. The family owned used car dealership is setting an impressive standard that has earned the growing business national recognition on popular consumer review sites for responsiveness.

The company, celebrating 25 years in business, has recently implemented an email system that puts customers in direct communication with Florida Fine Cars if they can’t reach a salesperson via phone and need a question answered quickly.FFC Logo New Car

The intent is to offer help quickly and efficiently.

Florida Fine Cars Fine Tunes Customer Service Options

Here’s how it works: Customers simply send their questions to “” for the fastest service around. A Florida Fine Cars customer care expert replies as quickly as possible.

“It’s in place so we can offer our customers faster service.  Let’s say for example a customer is having difficulty getting a hold of someone. We would suggest for them to send an email to,” said Florida Fine Cars marketing coordinator Cesar Pentzke.  “It’s kind of like an express way for customer care.  Once the email comes to our attention then we make sure the request gets sent to the appropriate outlet.”

Online Reputation Can Make or Break a Business

It’s important stuff because unhappy customers aren’t shy about making their views known on consumer review sites. And too many bad reviews online can become a nightmare.


Used cars await buyers at Florida Fine Cars.

Making sure a business’s online reputation is a positive one is something no business owner can afford to overlook. That’s why Florida Fine Cars strives to be innovative in finding different ways to hear customer concerns and provide the best service possible.

According to Forbes magazine, businesses “risk losing 22 percent of business when potential customers find a negative article on their first page of search results. That number increases to 44 percent lost business with two negative articles and 59 percent with three negative article.”

Simply said, what consumers find online can have a huge impact on business.

“Online reputation management is important for businesses of any size,” notes “It’s about creating a positive Web presence to make your brand one that people trust and want to engage with.”

Florida Fine Cars is making an overwhelmingly positive mark.

2018Dealerratercustomersatis“The staff at this dealership really delivers quality service. Management, sales and financing staff were all friendly and helpful with the purchase of the vehicle,” wrote one customer in an April 2018 DealerRater review.

Wrote another customer in an April 2018 Google review: “If you are looking for someone who is willing to give you advice on what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, then look no further and check into this dealer. Highly recommended.”

Dealership Earns Customer Satisfaction Award for Third Time

For the third year in a row, one of the country’s most popular consumer review sites  recognized Florida Fine Cars


Used cars line a lot at Florida Fine Cars.

for consistently delivering outstanding customer service.

The South Florida dealership received DealerRater’s 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Award for providing top-notch service to used cars buyers in the Tri-County area and across the nation. The used car chain has stores in Miami, Hollywood, West Palm Beach and Margate.

The award gives Florida Fine Cars a unique distinction based on the dealership’s high volume of five-star online customer reviews.

“Providing our customers with an enjoyable, stress-free car-buying experience that emphasizes quality service is what Florida Fine Cars is all about,” said marketing director Jamie Suid. “We want every customer to leave with a great car and great memories. And our amazing reviews show that we are hitting the mark.”

DealerRater features more than four million dealer reviews, and has a reachable audience of more than 32 million car shoppers each month.

Florida Fine Cars’ new customer care initiative is important because a company’s online reputation can be the deciding factor on which link a customer clicks first and where they ultimately decide to buy.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to people buying a product from brands and businesses, a majority of people look for other user opinions online.

Shop Florida Fine Cars at Four Convenient Locations

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,400 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach, just north of Palm Beach International Airport, and in HollywoodMiami and Margate. Stop by and drive home your dream car today!

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