Florida Fine Cars Employee Rocks Warped Tour With Punk Band


Cesar “Punski,” singer/songwriter/guitarist and Florida Fine Cars marketing coordinator, performs with Grounds.

WEST PALM BEACH – When the Vans Warped Tour played its final concert in August in West Palm Beach, Florida Fine Cars was represented on stage.

But it wasn’t with cool cars. Instead, Florida Fine Cars marketing coordinator Cesar Pentzke was  rocking out: he’s the singer and guitar player for a punk band called Grounds. He performed on the Korner stage of the huge musical festival on August 5th, where he goes by the name “Cesar Punski”.

His bandmates included Seth Hochstadt, drums; William “Parker” Rockenstien, guitarist; and Reggie Miller, bass and backing vocals.

“I’m a hooligan in the best way,” joked Pentzke, who graduated from Full Sail University with an associate’s degree in recording arts and a bachelor of science in entertainment business.

“I’m a hard core punk rock youth and I live my dreams. I knew this is what I was going to be doing when I was a lot younger.”

Love of Music is Rooted in Childhood and Family Ties

He’s been making music since age 11 when he picked up his dad’s guitar. He also plays trumpet, trombone and drums.

The Warped Tour is a traveling rock festival that has toured the United States annually each summer since 1995. It is the largest traveling music festival in the United States, and is the longest-running touring music festival in North America.

Music is Pentzke’s love and he always makes time for it.

“I have a job to make money. I play music for my soul,” said Pentzke, who is the songwriter for Grounds. “People are in bands because they want to be in a band. Music is a hobby, it’s not a job.”

Pentzke became the marketing coordinator for Florida Fine Cars nearly two years ago. He’s the creative force behind all the cool videos and social media Florida Fine Cars uses to promote its cars and customer service.

But his roots always take him back to punk rock.

Born in San Francisco, Pentzke grew up in Royal Palm Beach, Fl and graduated from Wellington High School. He came from a family of high achievers who love to make music: his dad is a musician and a doctor; his mom sings and is a microbiologist; his paternal grandfather was a composer and his maternal grandfather, a lawyer. His brother teaches high school photography and his sister is a lawyer.

Expectations for Pentzke were high.

“I was either going to go to University of Florida and be a doctor, or go to Orlando and be a punk rocker,” he recalled. “I chose to be a punk rocker.”

He found his place with Grounds in December 2015.

The band released its first album “The Struggle EP” in 2016 with Detres Entertainment Group. They released their second album, “Screen Tested; Mother Approved,” with Takeover Records — on October 13, 2017.  It was Friday the 13th.

Punk Rock’s Raw Emotion Give the Music an Edge

Pentzke loves the raw, reckless emotion associated with punk rock. The mohawk hair styles, the studded leather jackets, the spiked belts. The moshe pits. It all fits together.

“What I first liked about punk rock is that it is dangerous,” said Pentzke, whose arms and legs are covered in tattoos. “Punk music was fast-paced. People would slam each other at concerts. It was the edge I was attracted to. The idea of being on stage and seeing the mosh pit makes me feel like I am doing a great job.”

Unpredictability is part of a punk rock show’s allure, he said.

“Anything can happen. You never know what is going to happen. Not in a bad way – people like to have fun and it’s really cool to travel around and see what people do,” he added.

For years, Pentzke toured Florida and the United States, performing at different clubs, bars and other venues. He had just finished a 30 to 40 day tour when he was hired by Florida Fine Cars.

He loves the fact that his co-workers at Florida Fine Cars are supportive and attend his local performances whenever they can.

“It’s really cool having that much support. To have people care about what you are doing and back you up,” Pentzke said.

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