Florida Fine Cars Talks Retro with Revology


Revology’s Mustang 1966 Shelby GT350 is a head-turner.

NORTH PALM BEACH – Picture yourself behind the wheel of a sleek Mustang 66 GT Fastback 2+2 or a classic Mustang 66 Shelby GT350. Now imagine the stir you’d cause if you rolled up to a crowd and gunned the engine.

It doesn’t have to be a teenager’s pipedream.

Revology, of Orlando, is building state-of-the art classic Mustang reproductions that look like nothing you’ve ever seen. The cars are marketed as a combination of a classic American icon and a modern performance luxury car. They’re retro on the outside and modern under the hood. Turn the key for the ride of your life.FFC Logo New Car

“We took the car of your dreams and turned it into the car of your adulthood fantasy,” said Yoshi Amano, marketing director for Revology.

Florida Fine Cars caught up with Revology at a recent Cars and Coffee car meet to find out what makes these cars so special.

Revology Lets Drivers Navigate Memory Lane in Comfort

Revology produces two new vehicles a month and has delivered 21 since the company opened in 2014. Cost? About $160,000 apiece. The company is licensed by Ford and Shelby American to produce the cars.


Revology 1965 Mustang GT2+2 Fastback wows the crowd at Cars and Coffee.

On this day, an ivy green metallic 1965 Mustang GT2+2 Fastback on display was causing a stir. The car’s rich leather interior and Coyote 5.0 engine with 435 HP were turning heads. The classic looks and retro interior took many admirers down memory lane.

“The drive train and everything else is installed with all modern components, like disc brakes,” Amano explained. “Some people are (very) surprised.”

With features like sophisticated double-wishbone front suspension, precise rack and pinion steering, four-wheel disc brakes and a powerful, efficient V-8 engine, the Revology Mustang drives like there’s no tomorrow. Both models come standard with air conditioning.

Face it: driving a 50+ year old car comes with plenty of bumps and lumps. Revology cars are fun because they look like antiques but drive like hot rods.

“If someone wants to restore an older car like this to bring it backup to this level, it’s going to easily cost as much as these cars or more,” Amano noted.

And the restored car STILL won’t have the comforts, driveability, and amenities of Revology cars because they will STILL be 50+ years old.

Retro Reproductions Disguise Edgy Amenities to Retain Vintage Look

Revology customers buy the cars because they love the collectable looks AND they can drive them as easily as any other car that just came off the production line, Amano explained.

The seats, for example, look vintage, but have power controls so they can easily be adjusted. The cars have power windows, but the window control is concealed in a switch that looks like an  old-fashioned window crank.


Power window control is concealed in a switch resembling an old fashioned window crank.

The dashboard gauges also look vintage but are illuminated with LED lights.

So who buys these stunning spot-on replicas that are equipped with all the modern conveniences of the cars of today?

People who are bored with high end cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, according to Revology.

“Those cars are everywhere,” Amano said. “These are unique not only because they look classic but they drive like a new car. The engine is modern.”

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Auto Enthusiasts Enjoy Dog Day Afternoons at Car Meet


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Florida Fine Cars’ Partnership with Car Show is a Big Win


Festival-goers admire a variety of classic cars & hot rods along at the Downtown Showdown on May 20, 2017 in West Palm Beach.

WEST PALM BEACH – Hot rod buffs and car collectors crowded round the Florida Fine Cars booth at the Downtown Showdown Fishing Tourney & Seafood Fest last week and waited for the car show awards to kick off.


One of 75 cool cars on display at the Downtown Showdown.

Participants didn’t really care who took home a trophy. It was a day to show off their cool wheels, talk about their hobby and know that proceeds from the daylong event would benefit the non-profit Lauren’s Kids, the Boy Scouts and U.S. veterans. Florida Fine Cars was the official car show sponsor for the event.FFC Logo New Car

“Their sponsoring the car show part of this is important. We have to buy all the awards and we couldn’t have done that without their help,” said car show organizer Eddy Cebreco. “The local hot rod community comes to support this because of all the charities involved.”

Cool Rides, Cool People, Awesome Fish, Food and Fun!

The day-long event – with its live music, food booths, vendors and car show –  attracted steady crowds all day. The event was organized by Southern Fishing Charities (SFC), which organizes and hosts outreach programs to support veterans. SFC partners with local organizations to create awareness and raise funds through fishing tournaments and related events.

Car Show, Seafood Festival Draw Crowd of 10,000

Approximately 75 hot rods and classic cars ranging from vintage Mustangs to a screaming yellow Lotus were on display during the May 20th festival on Flagler Drive along the West Palm Beach waterfront. It was the event’s third year.


The Florida Fine Cars fans & koozies were a hit at the Downtown Showdown.

“The Downtown Showdown was a great opportunity for us to support local charities, show off our inventory and meet some local car collectors,” said Florida Fine Cars marketing director Jamie Suid. “Everybody had fun.”


Florida Fine Cars sales associate Sasha Lopez shows off the Florida Fine Cars stage banner at the Downtown Showdown.

Organizers were thrilled with the turnout.


Florida Fine Cars sales associates served as goodwill ambassadors for the dealership.

“With over 10,000 people in attendance throughout the day, 63 Boats competing for thousands of dollars and the perfect weather, this amazing charity event was a complete success!” said Grant Portier, co-founder of the SFC and co-organizer of Downtown Showdown. “Our benefitting charities, Lauren’s Kids, Southern Fishing Charities and The Boy Scouts of America – Gulfstream Council, couldn’t have been happier.  Even the Mayor herself, came out to kick off this event.”


The sunny, breezy weather was perfect too.


Tom Costain poses with his 1950 Buick Special.

Car collector Tom Costain of Palm Beach Gardens ducked under a canopy to escape the glaring sun and grinned as festival-goers gawked at his somewhat-rusty 1950 Buick Special. The impressive old car was a head-turner, with its flashy whitewall tires, eroded paint and hulking frame.

“It’s not stock. It’s got a Cadillac turbo 400 transmission in it,” explained Costain, who’s owned the car for 11 years. “It went from 248 cubic inches to 500 cubic inches.”

Conversation always turns to the car’s rusted, peeling paint.

People always want to know what color Costain is going to paint it. And his answer is always short and sweet.

“I’m not,” he chuckled.


Moose Luc shows off his 1958 Plymouth Fury, known as the “Christine” car.

Parked down the way was Moose Luc with his 17-foot long 1958 Plymouth Fury in buckskin beige with gold trim. The vintage ride was a stunner, with its whitewall tires, classic rear fins and glistening chrome.

Stephen King fans might recognize Luc’s Fury as the “Christine” car from King’s 1983 horror flick. The cult classic is about a violent car that can regenerate itself when damaged and the murderous rampage it embarks upon.

The producer purchased 24 similar models in various states of disrepair which were used to build 17 models of the Fury. Today only two are left, in the hands of car collectors, Luc noted.

Luc loves to show the old car off, point out its features and share its connection to the Christine movie.

“It’s a blast,” he confessed.

Brian Small’s 1993 black and white Ford Mustang won a “Top 25” award at the car show. With its 1000-horsepower engine and custom interior equipped with 14 gauges, the car drew lots of attention. Small rebuilt it himself, with a supercharged engine equipped with nitrous oxide.


Brian Small’s 1993 rebuilt Ford Mustang won a “Top 25” award on Saturday.

The car has a race engine block, big valve heads, a big cam shaft and 10 pounds of boost. And it goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, Small said grinning.

“From 0 to 145 mph nobody gets past me,” bragged Small, who owns the Palm Beach Brake & Auto Center.”

The event was a big crowd pleaser.

“The 3rd Annual Downtown Showdown KDW & Seafood Festival was a huge hit,” Portier said happily.

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