What Are the Traits of a Successful Car Salesman?

ffcmiamiinventorySelling used cars is all about sealing the deal but the success of sales personnel hinges on their followup and how it’s done. Consumers view the car-buying process as stressful, confusing and time-consuming. Making the purchase process quick, easy and painless is what the most successful car sellers do best.

The sales personnel at Florida Fine Cars do exactly that. The dealership’s top sellers for February and March are almost all repeat winners.FFC Logo New Car

Moe Eisa is consistently the top seller for the West Palm Beach store and is the company’s top-selling saleman overall. In February Eisa sold 31 used cars and in March he sold 44 used cars.

Jon Ansari was Hollywood’s top salesman for the same period, selling 17 used cars in February and 18 used cars in March. Jose Acosta was the Miami store’s stop seller in February with 20.5 used cars and Tyrone Thompson was Miami’s top seller in March with 30 used cars.

All four top-selling sales associates know that great customer service is what selling used cars successfully is all about.

Too much, too little or too late are all factors that tank sales and keep customers from coming back. High pressure, low pressure or a failure to return phonecalls can be dealbreakers. Finding a balance is the foundation of success.

3 Reasons Customers Come Back

Becoming a top-seller isn’t easy. It takes time, a dedicated work ethic and the ability to establish trust. It’s no surprise the best sales personnel are successful month-after-month: most follow a process to ensure customers come back or refer them to others. Here’s some best practices that keep customers smiling.

1.) Clearly Explain Value & Pricing

Customers want good value above all else and a sales associate who can clearly explain why a deal is great is going to make the sale.

According to AutoRemarketing, customers’ reasons to buy stem from transparency. A salesperson who is straightforward about price points, dealer benefits and added perks such as free loaners is more likely to get a customer to sign on the dotted line. It’s all about building trust.

Florida Fine Cars’ sales personnel work hard to make sure customers understand exactly what kind of car they are purchasing so car buyers are happy with the used car they take home.

Money Magazine notes that nearly three-fourths of consumers, or 72 percent, also want to complete their credit application and financing paperwork online. The reason is simple: they want to save time at the dealership and have less pressure filling out the paperwork. Progressive dealerships like Florida Fine Cars make this service available online with a simple mouse click.

2.) Follow Up in a Timely Manner

Calling customers back is key to sealing any deal and a customer who’s on the fence may just need a little time to think. The best personnel know how to follow up without harassing the customer. A car buyer likes to know their salesman has their best interests at heart but someone who relentlessly dogs a customer is likely to have a negative effect.

3.) Communicate by the Customer’s Preferred Method

If a car buyer wants you to stay in touch by email, then use email. Or if they prefer texting, text.

    • 60 percent of baby boomers prefer a phone call and 40 percent prefer email; Gen Xers and millennials are split 50/50 between email and phonecalls.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Today’s customers are more educated than ever because of the availability of third-party research tools such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, which help take the uncertainty out of car shopping. Customers arrive ready to buy a car with knowledge about pricing, competition and Carfax Reports. Savvy dealers understand the Internet can easily expose shady practices.

Florida Fine Cars offers customers a free Carfax report with every used car on its website, and access to the Official Kelley Blue Book Guide to make price comparisons easy.

Shop Florida Fine Cars in West Palm Beach, Hollywood & Miami

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

Drive home your dream car today!

Why the Nissan Altima is so Alluring

2014 Florida Fine Cars Nissan Altima

2014 Florida Fine Cars Nissan Altima

Florida Fine Cars top-selling brands are a mix of tried and true, with the Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord topping the list of the family-owned dealer’s best sellers.

Both makes are known for their reliability, practicality and affordable prices. That they are so popular is not surprising.

According to the auto data collection site GoodCarBadCar.net, the top five selling makes and models for 2016 in the United States include both the Accord and the Altima.

Here’s the list:


2014 Nissan Altima

  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Nissan Altima
  5. Honda Accord

Florida Fine Cars Hollywood sales manager Elias Contreras said car buyers love the Altima for its sleek, modern look, fuel economy and incredible price.


Florida Fine Cars Hollywood Sales Manager Elias Contreras

“The shape of the car, the size and the roominess of the car, the gas efficiency are all things that appeal,” he said. “It’s really the look of the car.”

Contreras wasn’t surprised to find Honda and Toyota on the list of five top sellers. They’re always there because they are so well made and so reliable, he noted.

But the Altima earned its top rating because of its sexy look, he said.

“Because of the body on it people love it. It has more of a modern look. And it has great gas efficiency. It gets about 30 miles per gallon,” Contreras said. “Everybody likes it.”

It’s also an easy sell because of its price, he added.

Top Five List Includes Toyota, Honda and Nissan

Car buyers love all five of these top ranked vehicles because of their reasonable prices and incredible economy. They are all available at Florida Fine Cars for thousands less than retail with many models to choose from.FFC Logo New Car

Florida Fine Cars used car inventory includes:

  • More than 50 used Camry models ranging in price from $9,599 for a 2013 Camry with 75,125 miles to $17,499 for a 2015 Camry with 25,797 miles
  • Nearly 20 used Toyota Corolla models ranging in price from $6,999 for a 2010 with 117,407 miles to $13,499 for a 2016 with 24,016 miles
  • Nearly 30 used Honda Civic models ranging in price from $7,499 for a 2009 with 120,903 miles to $17,999 for a 2016 with 18,695 miles
  • Nearly 50 used Altima models ranging in price from $7,500 for a 2010 with 96,089 miles to $17,799 for a 2016 with 10,542 miles
  • More than 75 used Honda Accord models ranging in price from $2,599 for a 2002 with 158,459 miles to $22,499 for a 2016 with 20,373 miles

Do Your Homework Before You Buy

2014 Florida Fine Cars Honda Accord

2014 Florida Fine Cars Honda Accord

So how do you decide which of these popular cars to purchase?

The best way to prepare is to do your homework. Research the cars you like on automotive information sites like KBB.com or Edmunds.com. You can read expert reviews as well as customer reviews on individual makes and models. Then stop by Florida Fine Cars and take a test drive. Florida Fine Cars provides a free Carfax Report with every vehicle it sells, so read that carefully as well. Remember, Florida Fine Cars never charges a Dealer Fee and doesn’t negotiate price.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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Find Out Why a Used Porsche is the Right Ride!

It’s sleek, sexy and gorgeously roomy for a sedan. The Porsche Panamera exudes class, style and sophistication and drives with the high-quality performance associated with German automotive engineering.

Car buffs who love the power of Porsche sports cars but seek the interior space of a sedan will find the perfect combination in the Panamera.NewFCCLogo

And now you can own one for thousands less than retail by shopping for your next dream car at Florida Fine Cars, a family-owned used car dealer with stores in West Palm Beach, Hollywood and Miami. Buying a quality used car has never been so easy.


Florida Fine Cars 2011 Porsche Panamera 4S

Known for its handling, refinement, high quality engine and breathtaking cabin quality, the Panamera isn’t a car to be overlooked.

Florida Fine Cars offers a variety of quality used Porsche Panamera models ranging in price from $41,999 for a 2012 Porsche Panamera to $56,295 for a 2014 Porsche Panamera Hybrid.  These gorgeous luxury models are all priced thousands below the market average.

Porsche Offers Style and Performance

Says Kelley Blue Book: “The Panamera’s sophisticated suspension easily dispatches anything the pavement serves up, the brakes set the standard for stopping performance, and the sum is an ease of use that makes ordinary drivers feel like heroes.”


The luxurious interior of a Florida Fine Cars Porsche Panamera

What else makes the Panamera such a standout? According to Edmunds.com, many things:

“It has the feature content, interior quality and price tag of a flagship luxury sedan, yet it has only four seats and the hatchback body style of a hatchback,” Edmunds.com notes. “It has the interior design and performance soul of a 911, and the exterior styling of one that went on a binge diet of Baconators. The Panamera really is like nothing else on the road, and that just makes it all the more special.”

Climb inside and smell the leather. The beautifully-crafted seats are supportive, highly adjustable and include heating and ventilation. The design is elegant, made of first-class materials and extreme quality. The interior has plenty of space.


Florida Fine Cars Porsche Panamera

“It’s surprisingly roomy, with ample leg- and headroom in all four seating positions, even in the standard-wheelbase version. Your six-foot-two author had no trouble fitting in the back when the driver’s seat was set to his preferences.” — Car and Driver (2014)

“There’s ample legroom for tall rear passengers even in the standard-wheelbase models, while the Executive’s stretched wheelbase enables crossed-leg cruising.” — Edmunds (2015)

Here’s some quick Panamera facts from Edmunds.com:

  1. The base rear-wheel drive Panamera and the all-wheel-drive Panamera 4 are powered by a V-6 engine
  2. Both models include 18-inch wheels, automatic bi-xenon headlights, LED running lights, front & rear parking sensors, power-folding and auto-dimming mirrors, automatic wipers, cruise control, a sunroof and powerliftgate
  3. Standard features include a navigation system, a 7-inch central touchscreen, smartphone app integration, Bluetooth connectivity, 11-speaker sound system with satellite and HD radios & a media player interface

Kelley Blue Book praises the 2014 Porsche Panamera with these words:

“If you need a sedan but crave the performance of an exotic coupe, the Porsche Panamera for 2014 is calling your name. Sure, there are numerous high-performance luxury 4-door sedans, but none can rival the Panamera’s one-off good looks, unique cabin configuration or diverse model range,” Kelley Blue Book states.

How to Drive Like a Pro

What’s more, you can drive your Florida Fine Cars used Porsche Panamera up to Atlanta and visit Porsche’s $100 million “Experience Center” where you can take it for a spin on Porsche’s 1.6-mile test track. A visit to Porsche’s incredible 27-acre Porsche complex will give you an even greater appreciation for your sports car’s performance capabilities. By putting your Panamera through its paces on a 6-station handling circuit with hairpin turns and other feature, you’ll appreciate the Panamera’s handling even more.

Visit Florida Fine Cars today and drive home your dream!

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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6 Helpful Tips for an Awesome Car Buying Experience

Buying a used car used to be tricky business, but with so much information available to car buyers these days, it’s not the stressful experience it used to be. Florida Fine Cars makes NewFCCLogoused car buying easy with a transparent buying process that takes the mystery out of the sale.  Customers can view the cars they’re interested in online and research their history at the same time. Before a customer ever steps into a dealership, they can have a good sense of exactly which cars they want to check out.

The following tips will help narrow your search:

1.) Have a Budget and Stick to It

Knowing what you can afford to spend is key to a successful car buying experience. Customers who select cars that are priced too high for their budget are in for trouble. Determine beforehand how much you can afford to spend each month and shop accordingly. The cost of a used car is more than just the payment. Car buyers have to


Quality used cars outside a Florida Fine Cars dealership

budget for tax, title, registration and insurance for any vehicle they purchase. It’s important to get the right ride at the right price, even if you have to give up some bells and whistles.

2.) Choose a Make and Model that Suits Your Budget and Lifestyle

Where will you be driving your car and what will it be used for? Do you work in construction and need a work truck that will get banged up and battered on the job? Or are you a commuter who drives long distances every day and needs a reliable ride with excellent gas mileage? Or maybe you’re a retiree who’s finally going to buy that sports car you’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s important to know what you need and how you will use the vehicle before deciding on which ride to pursue.

3.) Do Your Homework

Once you figure out what type of car you’re interested in, research the vehicle online at www.KBB.com or www.Edmunds.com to review the vehicle’s safety and performance ratings. Find out if any problems have been reported and what the vehicle’s strong points are. Do reviewers have good things to say about this car? Does it get good gas mileage? kbblogoHave reviewers noted troublesome blind spots? How did it rate in crash tests? Before you sign on the dotted line, know as much as possible about what you are buying. The best way to do that is read, read, read. Florida Fine Cars’ website includes a KBB feature that allows customers to quickly compare Florida Fine Cars’ prices to the Kelley Blue Book®Fair Market Range using the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor directly on the Florida Fine Cars website.

4.) Check the Vehicle’s History

Once you’ve decided on the make and model and you’ve found a car that looks good, your work’s still not done. Now you have to research the vehicle’s history. Florida Fine Cars makes this easy for customers by offering a free Carfax Report with every used car for sale on its website. Simply click on the Carfax logo to access a report. A car that’s been repaired to manufacturer’s standards can be a great deal. Customers can also have a mechanic check out a car before buying it.


Florida Fine Cars offers a huge selection of quality used BMW models.

5.) Test Drive the Car

Now it’s time to get behind the wheel and take the car for a spin. How do you feel sitting in the drivers seat? Can you reach the pedals comfortably? Is there adequate leg room? Does the interior feel cramped or is it roomy? Is the cabin noisy on the highway or it is quiet? Does the car have custom wheels that will be expensive to replace? Turn the lights on and off, run the windows down and check out the brakes. Test driving the car is your time to decide if you like how the car handles.

6.) Consider Additional Protection

Many vehicles will still have a portion of the manufacturer’s full warranty remaining. Others will have exceeded the mileage and/or time limitation. While not absolutely necessary, extending the factory warranty coverage can offer significant peace of mind for those future miles yet to be driven.

Vehicles are made up of thousands of moving parts and it’s only a matter of time that some will fail. Even with keeping up recommended maintenance, an issue can still occur that could set you back thousands of dollars unexpectedly. Having the extra coverage will help during any surprises in the future. 


Florida Fine Cars sales personnel offer top notch customer service!

Florida Fine Cars Offers a Huge Selection of Easy-to-Research Quality Used Cars

Buying a used car is easy at Florida Fine Cars, with a website that makes it easy to find the perfect used car and check its history with the click of a mouse. Find your dream car at Florida Fine Cars and drive it home today. Buying a used car has never been easier.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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3 Reasons Why Florida Fine Cars’ Relationship with Kelley Blue Book Offers Great Value

Shopping for a used car but afraid you might get taken for a ride?

NewFCCLogoFlorida Fine Cars and the nationally-acclaimed Kelley Blue Book have joined forces to offer car buyers peace of mind car shopping.

Here are 3 reasons why the Florida Fine Cars/Kelley Blue Book relationship makes so much sense for you:kbblogo

  1. Kelley Blue Book is The Trusted Resource® for comprehensive, reliable automotive information and values
  2. Car buyers can quickly compare Florida Fine Cars’ prices to the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range using the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor directly on the Florida Fine Cars website
  3. Kelley Blue BookSM Instant Cash Offer provides an actual offer for customers’ trades

Kelley Blue Book Makes it Easy to Determine a Fair Price

With Kelley Blue Book, figuring out if a used car is priced fairly is as simple as white, green and red.

Here’s how it works:

The Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor takes tons of market data into consideration.  The range-based Price Advisor shows the White Zone, the Green Zone – The Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range – and the Red Zone.


Example of Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor chart

If the asking price for a vehicle falls into the White or Red Zones, the price is unusually low or unusually high, due to special circumstances. If the price falls into the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range, you can be confident it’s fairly priced. What could be easier?

“We are both excited and proud to have become a Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor Participating Dealer,” said Florida Fine Cars marketing manager Jamie Suid. “In today’s market, car shoppers do endless amounts of research and really educate themselves. By showing the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor right on our vehicle detail pages, a car shopper can very easily see the very latest local market pricing information and how our vehicle pricing compares to the rest of the market.”

Car shoppers who search www.floridafinecars.com will find Kelley Blue Book information on the right side of the page, after they click on their vehicle of choice. The guide lists the dealer asking price, the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range and the Kelley Blue Book® Suggested Retail Price. A customer can easily see which range the Florida Fine Cars’ price falls into.

“One thing you don’t have to worry about? Knowing what’s a fair price. That’s because your dealer uses the most trusted authority in vehicle pricing,” the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor video states. “This is why you can walk out knowing you made a great decision with the help of Kelley Blue Book.”

Added Suid: “Through Kelley Blue Book, we’re giving customers the information right up front on our site, without having to do the leg work of additional research. Remember, if you don’t see the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor chart as we have it displayed, it isn’t the real deal. There are a lot of pretenders out there, so be sure to look for the official Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor chart .”

Sell or Trade With Confidence

Florida Fine Cars’ relationship with Kelley Blue Book helps take the mystery out of trading in or selling your car as well.

The Kelley Blue BookSM Instant Cash Offer provides you with an actual offer for your used vehicle with the simple click of a mouse. All you have to do is answer some questions about the condition and features of your vehicle.

Kelley Blue Book does the rest and you get an actual offer for your car before you ever step onto a Florida Fine Cars’ lot.


Together, Kelley Blue Book and Florida Fine Cars make it easier than ever to find the perfect Florida Fine Cars used car at the perfect price.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami. 

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