Florida Fine Cars Backs Autism Initiative


Miami resident and Florida Fine Cars customer Luis Gomez poses next to a 2016 Corvette z06.

WEST PALM BEACH – Used car giant Florida Fine Cars sponsored “The 7th Home Show Munch, Mingle & Much More” in a show of support for Autism Speaks Palm Beach County.

The nationally recognized non-profit organization received a portion of event proceeds to fund advocacy and support for individuals who are diagnosed with autism. The funds also go towards research into the cause and early intervention. A 55-inch television and several other items were raffled to raise money.FFC Logo New Car

“Our whole goal is to connect with the local businesses and families and let them know there are resources here,” explained Melissa Dinuzzo, manager for Autism Speaks Palm Beach, as she passed out brochures about autism and answered questions. “We want to promote acceptance and understanding and also promote our March 4th Autism Speaks Walk to raise money.”

Autism Speaks Offers Family Support, Community Outreach

Florida Fine Cars signed on as a sponsor because the family-owned auto dealership is active in the community and a strong supporter of not-for-profit organizations.

“Autism Speaks is a lifeline for families with autistic children. It provides education, outreach and a huge array of resources for families who may otherwise feel frustrated or alone. It was an easy decision to become part of this worthy event,” said Jamie Suid, marketing director for Florida Fine Cars. “Helping kids is what it’s all about.”

About 2,000 local residents attended the event at the Meyer Amphitheater in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach.

According to the Autism Speaks website, the organization is “dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.”

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Increasing Autism Awareness and Acceptance is Organization’s Goal

Dinuzzo said events like the Jan. 13th one are important for increasing awareness about autism and helping to reduce stigmas that often result due to a lack of knowledge.

The event also provided a chance for Dinuzzo to plug the upcoming March 4th Autism Speaks Walk to raise money for the cause. The annual walk is a major fundraiser for the not-for-profit organization.

According to Dinuzzo, one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism and more than 70 million people worldwide are on the autism spectrum. The cost to care for a child on the spectrum is estimated at approximately $65,000, she said. Therapies such as physical, speech, and applied behavioral analysis are commonly used, she noted. Costly medications may also be part of treatment.

“You can look at someone on the spectrum and they look just like everyone else, but they might lack the eye contact,” she explained. Individuals on the autism spectrum may have a wide range of symptoms, skills and levels of disability. Those who suffer from autism may have ongoing social problems that include difficulty communicating and interacting with others, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

“We want to be that puzzle piece that connects the community to resources,” Dinuzzo said.

Shop Florida Fine Cars at Four Convenient Locations

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Florida Fine Cars Detail Crews Make Used Cars Look New!

Florida Fine Cars customers want used cars that look like they’re new, even though they’re not. Competition for used car sales is fierce, so every car for sale must look nothing short of fantastic.


Florida Fine Cars detail manager Roderick Sweeting said workers’ aim is to make used cars look new.

At Florida Fine Cars, customers get amazing: it’s all in the details.

“Customers are most particular,” said Florida Fine Cars detail manager Roderick Sweeting. “They look at everything. They look at the sunvisors, the seatbelts, the glove box and the trunk.”

That’s why Florida Fine Cars detailers work so hard to serve up excellence.

Florida Fine Cars used cars roll off the lot with a sparkle and flash that would rival the polish of just about any new car around.

Detail crews equipped with industrial vacuums, an array of cleaners and polish, and a lot of experience work round the clock to transform dull into dazzling.

They do it with a keen attention to detail, a lot of company pride and plenty of hard work.

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Detailers work tirelessly in sometimes broiling heat in two separate shifts that stretch into evening to present Florida Fine Cars customers with used cars that look new.

On this day, detailer Roberto Prieto is intent on removing a faint decal imprint from the front left bumper of a stunning 2002 royal blue Corvette. He is determined to find a solution.NewFCCLogo

The smells of wheel cleaner, car soap, and polish fill the air like a cloying perfume as the music of El Zol 106.7 FM blares in the background. Prieto’s goal is to transform old into outstanding.

He rubs a pasty-looking substance into the mark and smiles with satisfaction as the flaw begins to fade.


Florida Fine Cars detailers work hard to bring cars back to perfection!

“Yes,” he grins happily, as he rubs fiercely. His secret? a cheese sponge. But when the imprint refuses to completely disappear, Prieto calls for more help. This time his cheese sponge weapon did not work as well as he had hoped.

“They are going to have to buff it,” Prieto announces. “It’s going to look new. Brand new.”

Then it’s onto the next used car.

“It feels good. You know you are doing something right instead of doing something the wrong way,” Prieto said about his work. “Me, I look for perfection.”


Florida Fine Cars detailer Roberto Prieto polishes a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette.

Used cars arrive at Florida Fine Cars in all sorts of condition. To make them customer-ready, all used cars go through detail, wash and dry. It takes about an hour per vehicle – sometimes a lot more – to restore the original spit-polished shine. Upholstery is cleaned, leather is rubbed, rugs are shampooed and carpets are vacuumed.

Challenges like animal hair, beach sand and a variety of stains take longer to overcome but are still manageable.

Detailers have their trade secrets.

“We have a machine called a ‘tornado’ that blows air and blows cleaner. The air propels the cleaner,” Sweeting chuckled.

Detailers have recovered everything from old clothing to ammunition to hookah pipes inside the cars they are cleaning. It’s always a surprise. Everything is properly discarded.

At least five Florida Fine Cars employees touch every car before the vehicle makes it to the sales lot. It is only then that customers can check the newly-detailed cars out and marvel at their beauty.

Cleaning used cars is a tough job, mostly because Florida is incredibly hot and humid. As a result, Sweeting is always looking for good workers.

“Working in the heat is a big obstacle,” he acknowledged. “Workers have to drink a lot of water. I know this looks easy but it is not easy.”


A Florida Fine Cars detailer cleans the leather inside a used car.

Sweeting is proud of his crew and the hard work they do to make the cars at Florida Fine Cars look fantastic. Without the skill of his devoted detail crew, the used cars would look … used instead of new!

“Customers want a used car to look like a new car,” Sweeting said simply. “We make it happen.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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