Florida Fine Cars Launches Car Subscription Service

WEST PALM BEACH — Tired of driving the “same old, same old” but not ready to buy a new car and not interested in a long-term lease?

If you’re fickle when it comes to figuring out what kind of ride makes you smile because you like to switch it up, Florida Fine Cars has the key to your dreams.

Welcome to AmeriDrive, a user-friendly car subscription service the allows members to drive a vehicle for seven days or longer, then pick out something new and hit the road again.AmeriDrive_Color_450x150_r1

With AmeriDrive, motorists simply download an app to their phone, choose a car, decide how long to keep it and when they will pick it up. The service launched on July 1, 2018.

“Buying a car should be simple, but it is instead often seen as stressful and a hassle,” said Ramin Farahmand, co-owner of Florida Fine Cars, the parent company of AmeriDrive. “People need an alternative that puts their minds at ease and gives them options.”

AmeriDrive will leverage the car subscription technology and services of Flexdrive to facilitate on-demand car subscriptions via mobile devices.


Agustin Perret-Gentil believes services like AmeriDrive are the industry’s future.

Agustin Perret-Gentil, chief operating officer of AmeriFinance which owns Ameridrive, said people love the service.

“It’s a one-week commitment and the payment includes everything – insurance, maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance,” Perret-Gentil said. “It’s very easy to use. You download the Android app and browse the inventory. And you can swap the cars as much as you want. We’re like Netflix – you get to pick what you want and you pay as you drive.”

Flexdrive will help Florida Fine Cars continue to evolve and grow, while also reaching existing customers and new consumers in a different, compelling way, Farahmand said. The family-owned dealership has stores in West Palm Beach, Margate, Hollywood and Miami.

“A car subscription program is truly an ah-hah moment for dealerships when you consider its advantages: recurring monthly revenue, enhanced CSI scores and customer retention as well as more options for consumers with changing needs,” said Jose Puente, CEO of Flexdrive.

Drivers can choose from a mix of makes, models and price points that will suit everything from day-to-day needs to special occasions where getting noticed is what it’s all about. 

It’s an alternative to traditional car buying and leasing that makes driving fun: don’t like the car you chose? Find a new one and hit the road.

And while the majority of vehicles are full-size or mid-size late model sedans and compact vehicles, drivers can also browse full-size and compact SUVs, luxury cars and even trucks.

Their ultimate goal is to eventually rent out 1,000 cars, Perret-Gentil said.

“The way we see it is this is the future of the industry,” he added.

Here’s what you need to subscribe:

  • A valid drivers license
  • A refundable $250 deposit
  • Be 25 years or older
  • A valid credit card
  • Three years of clean driving history
  • A mobile phone

Looking for luxury? Buckle up in a 2015 Audi A3 Premium Plus for $299 a week. Or take a spin in a 2015 Cadillac Escalade for $599 per week. A sporty elegance of a 2014 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 runs $499 per week.

And that’s just a small sampling of the variety this subscription service has to offer.

The app lets you browse a huge variety of cars, making it easy to pick something that fits your sense of style.

The subscription payment includes insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything but picking up the keys.

And remember, if you don’t like the car or want to try something else, just switch it up using the app on your phone.

“Florida Fine Cars is a progressive dealership and constantly thinking about how best to evolve to meet consumer demand, while also moving toward mobility and the future of the automotive industry. The launch of AmeriDrive points straight to the forward-thinking that’s core to their business,” Puente added.

Interested customers simply download the Flexdrive app to their phone, apply for membership, view the cars and locations available in South Florida through Florida Fine Cars and pick up the car, or visit www.MyAmeriDrive.com to learn more.

Florida Fine Cars Makes Used Car Shopping Easy

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,500 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in MargateHollywood and Miami.

Used car shopping has never been so easy. Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and test drive the car of your dreams.

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Revolve: A Luxury Car Membership That Makes It Easy to Drive in Style


Revolve co-owner Asoka Veeravagu stands next to a BMW i8, one of many luxury cars available to Revolve members.

NORTH PALM BEACH – Ever wish you could take a BMW i8 for a spin without coughing up a whopping $150,000 to own this classy ride?

And what if you see a car you like better and wish you’d shopped around more before signing on the dotted line?

The answer is “Revolve,” a luxury automotive subscription service and the brainchild of former GM engineering director Asoka Veeravagu, the company’s co-founder and CEO. The service allows members to drive the luxury car of their dreams for a few months and then switch it out for something else.FFC Logo New Car

Try out a Tesla and if it turns out to be too high tech, swap it out for an Aston Martin, Cadillac, Corvette, Maserati, Mercedes, Audi or Jaguar. Just pick your ride and hit the road.

Florida Fine Cars caught up with the company’s founders at a recent Cars and Coffee car meet to find out more.

How the Idea of a Car Membership Evolved

While at GM, Veeravagu’s employee ID and executive status gave him had access to a warehouse of high-end cars for personal driving. The idea for Revolve was born out of that business experience, he said.

“Why doesn’t this exist for consumers in the real world?” Veeravagu wondered. So he and co-owner Scott Blando made it happen. They opened the business in May 2017 and have been going strong ever since.


Asoka Veeravagu, co-owner of Revolve, at a recent Cars and Coffee car meet in North Palm Beach.

Their customers are people who love to drive but may not want to own the same luxury vehicle for three years, Veeravagu said.

“Revolve provides flexibility and variety where it’s never existed in the auto world if you’re a car lover and you appreciate fine cars,” he added.

Don’t expect to find a Volkswagen Beetle or a Mazda M3 at Revolve.

Cars Available Via Revolve Membership Pack a Punch

“All of our cars are what we call ‘Wow’ cars. All are special and all evoke emotion,” Veeravagu said. “The BMW i8 is gorgeous and it looks like a spaceship just landed. But not everyone wants to own it for three years.”

A marketing brochure describes Revolve as a “revolutionary driving experience” and a “frictionless automotive service.”

“With our premium vehicle subscription service, you don’t choose one luxury vehicle, you can drive them all,” the brochure says.

Membership Means Hassle-Free Driving

Vascular surgeon David Feldbaum of Plantation has been a Revolve member since the day it opened and loves it.

He owns several exotic cars but doesn’t like to drive them regularly. He has three young children and he likes large luxury cars for daily use. So joining Revolve made sense.

“The reason why I like this company is it’s hassle free. I basically pay one fee and they deliver the cars to me. They pick it up if it needs any maintenance. They will swap it out for another car. It is really nice to know they will meet me where ever I am,” Feldbaum said. “They also include the insurance so I don’t have to worry about contacting my insurance company every month about changing vehicles.”

Feldbaum also likes the variety of changing vehicles every two months. So far he’s driven an Audi RS7, a Mercedes s550, a Range Rover and a Porsche Panamera.

“I look at these cars as carefree driving of luxury car on a daily basis. I work in it, I take it back and forth to the gym and the grocery store. It’s also a nice car to take the family out to dinner,” Feldbaum said.

How a Revolve Membership Works

  • Joining Revolve requires a $500 membership fee
  • Participation costs $2,300 a month
  • Vehicles can be switched every two to three months
  • Drivers can put up to 2,000 miles per month on a car
  • Insurance is covered
  • Membership can be cancelled at any time

“There’s no commitment,” explained Marketing and Communications manager Melissa Daniels.

“A lot of our members are surgeons, doctors, CEOs or have their own business.”

The most common question, Daniels said, is how much does it cost?

“We explain to them that the car is not for sale. It’s a vehicle membership program,” Daniels said

Revolve’s website describes the membership service as a four-step process:

  1. View the collection and prioritize your favorite vehicles
  2. Car is delivered to your home
  3. Drive it for a few months like it is your own
  4. Return the car to Revolve and get another

Shop Florida Fine Cars at Four Convenient Locations

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,400 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach, just north of Palm Beach International Airport, and in HollywoodMiami and Margate. Stop by and drive home your dream car today!