Used Hybrids Save Fuel, Money and the Environment


2015 used Toyota Prius C3 costs $12,199 at Florida Fine Cars.

Whether it’s the pinch of rising gas prices, an increased commute to work or simply the need to cut living expenses, when you’re shopping for a used car, consider an economical pre-owned hybrid.

Going green can save you money and protect the environment, and at Florida Fine Cars, there are many excellent used hybrids to choose from in our huge online inventory of 1,700 used cars.

A hybrid is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle, most commonly an internal combustion engine and one or two electric motors. The cars are fuel-effecient and excellent on mileage.

FFC Logo New CarIf you’ve never considered a pre-owned hybrid, stop by Florida Fine Cars today and check one out. Nearly every make of automobile is producing one and we have many used hybrids available right now.

Florida Fine Cars Offers a Wide Variety of Used Hybrids at Low Prices

According to, more than 2.1 million conventional hybrids have been sold in the United States since the first two-seat Honda Insight hybrid was produced in 1999.

Because they combine electric drive with gasoline engines, hybrids have most of the same mechanical parts and issues that traditional cars and trucks have, Edmunds notes.

Florida Fine Cars

2015 used Honda Accord Hybrid costs $14,898 at Florida Fine Cars.

And the growing used hybrid market is attracting more and more motorists who yearn for fuel-effeciency without the higher pricetag of a brand new hybrid.

Kelly Blue Book rates the following vehicles as the top 10 hybrids for 2018: Chrysler Pacifica hybrid; the Volvo XC60; Volvo  S90; Porsche Panamera; Kia Niro; Kia Niro Plug-in; Honda Clarity Plug-in; Toyota Prius C; Audi A3 Sportback e-tron; and Lexus GS. Edmunds rates the best-selling hybrids as the Toyota Camry, Prius and Avalon; the Ford Fusion; the Honda Accord and the Kia Optima.

And buying any of these vehicles used makes them more affordable and more sensible than ever.

With dozens of these highly-sought after used hybrids to choose from in a world that needs to make greater efforts to “go green,” Florida Fine Cars in West Palm Beach, Margate, Hollywood and Miami offers a broad selection of the best models.


2015 used Ford Fusion costs $15,799 at Florida Fine Cars.

Stop in at Florida Fine Cars today and see for yourself why we are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau!

These pre-owned hybrids are just some of the incredible deals Florida Fine Cars has available every day. Browse our impressive online inventory of 1,700 used cars and see how much money you can save. The car of your dreams is just a mouse click away. And “going green” is easier and cheaper than you ever imagined when you shop for your pre-owned hybrid.

Shop Florida Fine Cars Four Locations for Great Rides and Tiny Prices

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,700 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport and in MargateHollywood and Miami.

Used car shopping has never been so easy. Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and drive home the perfect used hybrid.


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