Florida Fine Cars Talks High-End Car Shopping With Atlantis Motor Group


Atlantis Motor Group’s 2005 Maserati MC12 Corsa on display at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach:  pricetag $2.5 million.

NORTH PALM BEACH — The blue Maserati MC12 Corsa 2005 was a headturner and the amazing race car was drawing a crowd.

On display at a recent Cars and Coffee auto show, the sleek race car was the must-have backdrop for the cool selfie everyone wanted to snap. With a $2.5 million price tag, the car — one of 12 built – created quite a stir.FFC Logo New Car

A short distance away,  Atlantis Motor Group owner Ken Gold kicked back in his chair and enjoyed the buzz. Gold buys, sells and acquires exotic cars for discerning car collectors and wasn’t the least bit surprised that so many were fascinated with the pricey rides he’d brought to show off. Florida Fine Cars caught up with Gold at Cars and Coffee to find out more about his car-shopping service.

“We specialize in very discreet acquisitions and sales of specialty and significant road cars and race cars,” Gold explained. “We consider ourselves the Indiana Jones of the car industry: we are always finding the rare and lost antiquities.”

Gold’s business is a concierge car shopping service for those who can afford prices most of us can only imagine. His clients include movie stars, celebrities and sports figures who want to stay anonymous.


Ken Gold stands next to his Atlantis Motor Group transport at Cars and Coffee Palm Beach.

On this day, his biggest crowd pleasers included a 1984 aqua Porsche DP93, allegedly the fastest Porsche 935 ever built, equipped with a Porsche 962 engine with 904 HP. It was the European Hill Climb champion in 1988-1990 and cost a cool $600,000; another, a completely restored white Porsche 9111 966 model for $199,000; and a 1994 Ferrari 512 TR, price tag $259,000, among others.

“Most of our transactions are very discreet. You give me your shopping list and I go shopping,” Gold explained. “It’s just like ordering a pizza. I want a red Ferrari with a black interior with this many miles and this many options.”

He’s quick to point out that he doesn’t set the market.

“We just live within it,” he noted.


Atlantis Motor Group owner Ken Gold with $600,000 1984 aqua Porsche DP93.

His thriving business caters to a clientele that has big bucks and expensive taste.

“We’re in the want business,” Gold joked. “We’re not in the need business, People don’t need a $5 million Ferrari. They want one.”

He recently sold the Maserati MC12 Corsa 2005 to a buyer from France, who brought in Maserati personnel to personally inspect the car before they shipped it out of the country.

“We brought it over to our race shop, fired it up, ran it through the gears and they gave us money,” Gold said. Mission accomplished.

Showing off his exotics to Cars and Coffee gets his company name out and highlights the “wow” factor of what he does, Gold said.

“We like getting involved in the motoring industry and the whole car culture,” Gold said.

Florida Fine Cars Offers Four Dealerships and a Huge Selection of Used Cars

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,400 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach just north of Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, Margate, Hollywood and Miami.  Our new Margate dealership opened in February 2018.

Used car shopping has never been so easy. Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and find the ride of your life!

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Florida Fine Cars Improves Service with Customer Email Connection


Used cars fill the showroom at Florida Fine Cars.

MIAMI – When it comes to customer service, Florida Fine Cars is king. The family owned used car dealership is setting an impressive standard that has earned the growing business national recognition on popular consumer review sites for responsiveness.

The company, celebrating 25 years in business, has recently implemented an email system that puts customers in direct communication with Florida Fine Cars if they can’t reach a salesperson via phone and need a question answered quickly.FFC Logo New Car

The intent is to offer help quickly and efficiently.

Florida Fine Cars Fine Tunes Customer Service Options

Here’s how it works: Customers simply send their questions to “customercare@floridafinecars.com” for the fastest service around. A Florida Fine Cars customer care expert replies as quickly as possible.

“It’s in place so we can offer our customers faster service.  Let’s say for example a customer is having difficulty getting a hold of someone. We would suggest for them to send an email to customercare@floridafinecars.com,” said Florida Fine Cars marketing coordinator Cesar Pentzke.  “It’s kind of like an express way for customer care.  Once the email comes to our attention then we make sure the request gets sent to the appropriate outlet.”

Online Reputation Can Make or Break a Business

It’s important stuff because unhappy customers aren’t shy about making their views known on consumer review sites. And too many bad reviews online can become a nightmare.


Used cars await buyers at Florida Fine Cars.

Making sure a business’s online reputation is a positive one is something no business owner can afford to overlook. That’s why Florida Fine Cars strives to be innovative in finding different ways to hear customer concerns and provide the best service possible.

According to Forbes magazine, businesses “risk losing 22 percent of business when potential customers find a negative article on their first page of search results. That number increases to 44 percent lost business with two negative articles and 59 percent with three negative article.”

Simply said, what consumers find online can have a huge impact on business.

“Online reputation management is important for businesses of any size,” notes smallbiztrends.com. “It’s about creating a positive Web presence to make your brand one that people trust and want to engage with.”

Florida Fine Cars is making an overwhelmingly positive mark.

2018Dealerratercustomersatis“The staff at this dealership really delivers quality service. Management, sales and financing staff were all friendly and helpful with the purchase of the vehicle,” wrote one customer in an April 2018 DealerRater review.

Wrote another customer in an April 2018 Google review: “If you are looking for someone who is willing to give you advice on what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, then look no further and check into this dealer. Highly recommended.”

Dealership Earns Customer Satisfaction Award for Third Time

For the third year in a row, one of the country’s most popular consumer review sites  recognized Florida Fine Cars


Used cars line a lot at Florida Fine Cars.

for consistently delivering outstanding customer service.

The South Florida dealership received DealerRater’s 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Award for providing top-notch service to used cars buyers in the Tri-County area and across the nation. The used car chain has stores in Miami, Hollywood, West Palm Beach and Margate.

The award gives Florida Fine Cars a unique distinction based on the dealership’s high volume of five-star online customer reviews.

“Providing our customers with an enjoyable, stress-free car-buying experience that emphasizes quality service is what Florida Fine Cars is all about,” said marketing director Jamie Suid. “We want every customer to leave with a great car and great memories. And our amazing reviews show that we are hitting the mark.”

DealerRater features more than four million dealer reviews, and has a reachable audience of more than 32 million car shoppers each month.

Florida Fine Cars’ new customer care initiative is important because a company’s online reputation can be the deciding factor on which link a customer clicks first and where they ultimately decide to buy.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to people buying a product from brands and businesses, a majority of people look for other user opinions online.

Shop Florida Fine Cars at Four Convenient Locations

Florida Fine Cars offers more than 1,400 quality used cars priced thousands below retail at its four locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach, just north of Palm Beach International Airport, and in HollywoodMiami and Margate. Stop by and drive home your dream car today!

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