How to be Your Own Roadside Assistance Expert


Always be prepared for roadside emergencies.

It’s better to be prepared than to wish you were prepared. Accidents can happen quickly and you don’t want to become a statistic because you didn’t take proper precautions ahead of time. Always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Are You Prepared For An On-the-Road Emergency?

Stock up on these 9 essential emergency items so you’re ready when trouble strikes:

1.) Flashlight. A quality flashlight with an LED light and extra batteries could be a lifesaver if your car breaks down or the battery goes dead. Being able to see is essential when you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. If night has fallen, you need light to check under the hood, examine tires or look at the chassis. A flashlight could also be used to alert passersby of your emergency or illuminate your vehicle.

2.) Flare kit. A flare kit takes safety a step further by providing the means to create a well-lit safety zone so your disabled vehicle isn’t hit by passing motorists. Flare kits are affordable and easy-to-store. Modern-day flares are equipped with self-igniters so you don’t need matches or a lighter.

3.) Jumper cables. Without a pair you could be stuck waiting for professional roadside assistance when all you might need is a power boost from another vehicle. Jumper cables give you the ability to get your car running so you can drive it to an auto repair shop where car experts can test your battery and determine if it needs to be replaced.

4.) Air compressor. You never know when you’ll get a flat tire and being able to inflate it yourself can save time and money. And there’s nothing worse than pulling out your spare tire in an emergency only to discover it’s flat.


An air compressor can be a lifesaver in a flat tire emergency. Check your spare tire to make sure it’s properly inflated. Air compressors are also great for touching up the air levels in your car tires so they don’t go flat.

5.) Tire gauge. You need one to determine if you added too much air to your tires or if the air level is too low. Air pumps at gas stations don’t always have working tire gauges so it’s smart to carry one of your own. They’re tiny enough to store in the glovebox.

6.) Emergency tire sealant. This tire in a can will enable you to get to a gas station or the next town easily rather than being stuck beside the road with a flat tire.

7.) Tire jack. Used cars don’t always come with one handed down from the previous owner, so make sure you have one.  If your tire goes flat, you can’t remove it without a jack to lift up the car.

8.) First Aid Kit. Be prepared. It’s the motto of the Boy Scouts for good reason. Carrying a first aid kit on the road is smart because medical help could be miles away and time could be of the essence. Gauze, bandages and other medical supplies could mitigate an emergency until professional help arrives.

9.) Tarp. A multi-purpose tarp can provide shelter in the rain, protect cargo, or provide somewhere dry to sit on while you wait for roadside assistance. Tarps can provide shade or be used as a hammock or a tent.

Safety Kits Make Good Sense

FFC Logo New CarBeing safe on the road is all about being prepared, knowing who to call and what to do, and having the correct supplies available when you need them. Start out the New Year right and customize a roadside emergency kit so you’re ready for anything. Make a shopping list and then visit your local auto supply store. Hope for the best but be ready for the worst. Your life could depend on it.

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