How Fantastic Customer Service Drives Car Sales to the Top

The best Florida Fine Cars used car salesmen know their success is defined by two words:  customer service.

NewFCCLogoIt’s why Florida Fine Cars salesman Moe Eisa is the company’s top seller month after month and why success in the car business is bigger than a simple hustle. The internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to pricing so when car buyers walk into a used car showroom, they expect top-notch service in addition to competitive pricing and incredible inventory.

Moe Eisa is Florida Fine Cars' top seller companywide and for the West Palm Beach store.

Moe Eisa is Florida Fine Cars top seller companywide and for the West Palm Beach store.

“Florida Fine Cars was built on a foundation of great customer service,” said Florida Fine Cars marketing director Jamie Suid. “It’s what keeps customers coming back. People shop where they are treated right.”

2016DRCustomerSatisfactionAward (1)Great customer service is the culture at Florida Fine Cars. In fact, Florida Fine Cars Hollywood and Florida Fine Cars Miami were each awarded a 2016 DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award, an annual recognition given to auto dealerships that deliver outstanding customer service as rated by online consumer reviews.

Great Customer Service Equals Great Sales

Florida Fine Cars’ top sellers for October and November agree their success is directly related to how they treat customers. If a customer isn’t king, they won’t refer their family and friends and they won’t come back to buy another vehicle for themselves.


Alin Botez, Florida Fine Cars Miami

“I make people happy. A lot of customers are very excited and you can tell they really appreciate what we do,” said Alin Botez, who sold 18 used cars in November, earning him the honor of Miami’s top seller for the month.  “I feel good about what I do. I am not a competitive guy.”

Botez learned about the value of great customer service while working in the restaurant business. He cleared dishes and clean tables as a bus boy, waited tables and delivered pizza. Simply speaking, good service translated into good tips. So when he began selling used cars for Florida Fine Cars, he already knew how to make customers smile. His reviews on DealerRater show it.

 “Had a great experience buying this car with with Alin helping me through the process. Had a decent price for my trade in and drove off in an amazing car,” wrote one customer who bought a BMW M5 from Botez in a review on DealerRater.
Wrote another customer on DealerRater: “Alin was great working to get me approved for the car I wanted. We did all the leg work over the phone, and once the deal was approved, I drove down and finalized everything and brought my new used car home. I appreciated everything Alin did.”
Attitude is Everything

Hollywood’s Jeffrey Disla was his store’s top November seller with the sale of 12 used cars. Disla’s nickname “Smiley” is a clue to his success: it describes how he treats customers and everyone else who crosses his path. With joy.


Jeffrey ‘Smiley’ Disla, Florida Fine Cars Hollywood

“Once you have a customer it’s game time. What really impacted me  the most was having a positive attitude and confidence,” Disla said. Disla worked closely with his managers to improve his sakes and also worked from open to close most of the month to achieve success.

“I followed through with all my customers,” Disla said. His five-star ratings from customers who posted reviews on DealerRater say it all:

“Prior coming to the dealer offices located in Hollywood Fl, I basically knew the car that I wanted and did the search for the car fax history.. Once I got there Mr Jeffrey Disla help me with the best attitude and knowledge possible and made my experience fast, nice and easy ..!

Hollywood sales manager Elias Contreras said Disla’s upbeat attitude and persistence are a winning combination.

“He had confidence and he worked 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. He is real honest and he doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” Contreras noted. “He doesn’t brush anyone off because they have a low credit score or a repossession in the past.”

Miami sales consultant Donald Jarrett, his store’s top October seller with 15 used cars, gets a lot of return customers because people like they way he treats them. Customer service wins.

“A lot of repeat customers, a lot of referrals,” Jarrett conceded. “I like talking to people and selling. There’s no real secret to it. You just have to put your mind to it.”



Alin Botez

18 used cars


Jeffrey ‘Smiley’ Disla

12 used cars


Moe Eisa

33 used cars



Donald Jarrett

15 used cars


Adrian Alejo

21 used cars


Moe Eisa

30 used cars


Adrian Alejo, Florida Fine Cars Hollywood

Florida Fine Cars has been a top provider of quality used cars at an affordable cost since 1993, with the ultimate goal of making sure customers’ car buying experience is stress-free!

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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