Florida Fine Cars Sales Staff Sells BIG!


Florida Fine Cars Miami sales consultant Luis Baigorria says success is all about great customer service.

Florida Fine Cars used cars sales are hot. So hot the family-owned dealership turned over its entire inventory in just two months!

Used car sales for June and July 2016 totaled more than 1,400 used cars with repeat winners snagging the honor of top sales consultants in both West Palm Beach and Hollywood.

Once again, West Palm Beach salesman Moe Eisa was the top seller for his store and also the top sales consultant overall for Florida Fine Cars for both months. This prolific salesman sold an amazing 41.5 used cars in June and another 34 used cars in July. Leo Rivera was Florida Fine Cars’ top Miami salesman in June with the sale of 31 used cars and Luis Baigorria was the store’s top seller for July with the sale of 20.5 used cars. Hollywood salesmen Jimmie Lee Chatmon III and Juan Contreras tied for Hollywood’s top June honors by each  selling 14.5 used cars. Hollywood sales consultants John Ansari and Adrian Alejo tied for top July honors in Hollywood with the sale of 16 used cars each.

The West Palm Beach store sold a total of 200 used cars in June and another 250 in July; the Miami store sold 379 used cars in June and 384 in July; and the Hollywood store sold 115 used cars in June and 124 in July. That’s a lot of used cars!


Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach top June/July 2016 seller Moe Eisa.

Eisa is consistently the company’s highest achiever, a feat he accomplishes through hard work, great customer service and lots of referrals.

Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach sales manager Torrey Lunn attributed Eisa’s continual success to a consistent work ethic.

“Day in, day out it doesn’t change. He understands the system and just applies the same methods over and over again: working with his customers, working hard following up with his appointments and not giving up with his customers, no matter what the deal. He is going to follow through to the end.”NewFCCLogo

Lunn said Eisa also looks outside of the dealership for leads and gets a lot of referrals.

“He is doing his thing. He is humble guy,” Lunn said.

Florida Fine Cars is known for its quality inventory, its wide selection of luxury cars and its fair pricing. Florida Fine Cars does not charge dealer fees and does not negotiate price. The mix is attracting a lot of customers.

Florida Fine Cars Hollywood dealership had two top sellers for June and two for July, with a tie between Jimmie Lee Chatmon III and Juan Contreras for June with each selling 14.5 used cars. John Ansari and new employee Adrian Alejo tied for July sales, each selling 16 used cars. 

For Chatmon, the honor was a milestone. Chatmon has only been selling used cars for about six months and attributed his win to lots and lots of hard work.

“I did my process. What I mainly do is make sure I make a minimum amount of calls each day and have a minimum amount of appointments each day,” Chatmon said. “You do your business every day whether it’s going good or not. In the long run it’s going to be good for you.”

Chatmon said great customer service is the key to getting customers to come back.

“It’s like the most important thing,” Chatmon said. “how you treat the customers is basically going to dictate whether you are going to get the sale. Just treat people the way you want to be treated. You want to feel like your not getting cheated, that you are getting a good deal. When you do that you get referrals.”

Contreras is a repeat winner with many years in used car sales.


John Ansari, left, and Adrian Alejo, right, Florida Fine Cars top July sales consultants in Hollywood.

The story of Ansari and Alejo is one of true teamwork. Alejo, a new employee, has only worked for Florida Fine Cars about three months and is new to car sales in general. He and Ansari met in a kosher supermarket in Aventura where Alejo worked stocking shelves and doing inventory. Ansari saw potential in Alejo’s customer service skills and helped him get a job selling cars at Florida Fine Cars. He picked well.

“I brought him in. I showed him the ropes,” Ansari said smiling. “He had potential.”

Alejo seems to be a natural.

“You have to sell yourself. Customers buy the salesperson. Then they buy the car,” Alejo said. “You have to be friendly with the customers, tell them the truth and be transparent.”


Leo Rivera, top Miami seller for June.

Florida Fine Cars top Miami seller for June is Leo Rivera, a 9-year employee who sold 21 used cars in June. Rivera said many of his used car customers come from referrals. Luis Baigorria is Miami’s top seller for July, with 21 used cars.

Rivera said he gets referrals because his customer service is so great.

“Customer service is number one. I am the type of salesman that customers will always remember. I have the opportunity to treat you good and you always remember me,” Rivera said. “I can put it together.”

Baigorria, a pro with 29 years experience selling cars, said there is no real secret to being successful. It’s all about hard work and following up.

DSCN6965“I know the business. In the end, the bottom line is about being nice to the customer and being friendly. It’s all about the customers,” Baigorria said.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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