Dial Up Florida Fine Cars & Giggle While You Wait

Attention Florida Fine Cars used car shoppers: get ready to giggle if you’re put on hold.

Andrea Poteet (1)

Andrea Poteet, creative consultant for BusinessVoice.

Instead of boring elevator music, callers hear what’s unique about Florida Fine Cars in a funny, hip way. They hear a lot of stuff they’re not expecting, like Abe Lincoln and George Washington talking about driving sweet Bimmers. Or that all Florida Fine Cars used cars come with floors.


Are you laughing yet?

Callers hear about “OMG face,” and learn why Florida Fine Cars should become your new favorite “F” word thanks to the marketing savvy of Florida Fine Cars Marketing Manager Jamie Suid, who discovered that BusinessVoice offered a clever, original way to stand out.

Essentially we were looking for something that makes the often annoying situation of being left on hold a little less annoying,” Suid said. “We train very hard to make sure our clients are not put on hold when they call us but it does happen. I thought, instead of the same boring hold music we are all accustomed too, why not something funny and lighthearted?

The silly scripts are the brainchild of Andrea Poteet, creative consultant for BusinessVoice, the On Hold Marketing Agency. Poteet and Suid immediately hit it off and together mapped out a plan of action that has callers cracking up.

“I think callers can relate to content like this but it also throws them for a loop when they first hear it. And then we have their attention,” Poteet said. Florida Fine Cars earned the honor of On Hold Marketing of the Month for June 2016.

Poteet created the dialogues Florida Fine Cars callers hear when they are placed on hold, and because Florida Fine Cars has so many young customers, she tailored them to a younger crowd.

“OMG face” is the face customers make after shopping at Florida Fine Cars. Duh!!!

“They don’t charge a dealer fee so the price you see is the price you pay and that causes OMG Face,” a mirthful-sounding recorded voice explains. “Yep, classic OMG Face. Florida Fine Cars – no hidden fees but some weird faces.”


Caller Experience (2)On another recording, the narrator muses that perhaps Florida Fine Cars uses wizards to get such great deals from banks. Really?

“When banks say ‘no’ we cast spells on them,” the narrator glibly states. “Do you want to help our customer get a loan, bank, or do you want to be turned into a goat? Or maybe … we just have great relationships with a wide network of banks and credit unions.”

And then there’s the one about picking up a first date in a “normal” used car with a tricky handle that needs jiggling, a sharp spring poking from the upholstery and Roger the Raccoon in the back seat. A first date in a Florida Fine Cars used car is naturally more polished such as a ride in a luxurious BMW with a drop top and premium sound system. 

“Shop somewhere else and get mauled by a territorial raccoon,” the on-hold narrator quips. Grrrrrr!NewFCCLogo

And in the fiercely competitive used car market, capturing and holding a customer’s interest is key from start to finish. Gotcha!

“Since Florida Fine Cars has a younger customer base than a lot of other car dealerships, I used edgier language to set the dealership apart from the crowd,” Poteet noted. “I also focused on the unique selling points, like no dealer fees and VIP Club perks. And since Florida Fine Cars sells luxury cars at affordable prices, I always include the general theme of getting people behind the wheel of their dream car. The humor grabs the callers’ attention so they don’t miss the message about what makes Florida Fine Cars different.”

Different. Better. Affordable. Shop Florida Fine Cars today at www.floridafinecars.com.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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2 thoughts on “Dial Up Florida Fine Cars & Giggle While You Wait

  1. I don’t think there is anything funny about you guys first thing first stop trying to be funny an try to give people good customer service start by showing the same concerns about your customers after you get there money like you do before!

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