Florida Fine Cars’ May Used Car Sales Top 700!


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Moe Eisa did it again, selling more used cars in May than anyone else in the company. The feat once again earned him the distinction of being the company’s overall top seller with the monthly sale of 28.5 used carsNewFCCLogo


In Miami, sales consultant Ben Pishgou was his store’s top seller for May with the sale of 18.5 used cars, and sales consultant John Ansari was Hollywood’s top seller with the sale of 17 used cars

Companywide, Florida Fine Cars used car sales totaled 730 used cars for May, with the Miami store topping the list at 389 used cars, followed by West Palm Beach with 209 used cars, and Hollywood with 132 used cars.

Congratulations to all for an incredible job in an extremely competitive market!


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Moe Eisa in West Palm Beach is the company’s top seller for May.

Eisa, who works in West Palm Beach and consistently ranks as Florida Fine Cars’ top seller, said he works about 50 hours a week, every week, to achieve his top ranking status. Even when he’s off work, he still makes himself available to answer questions by phone.

“On my off days customers are calling me so I set up appointments,” Eisa said. “I refer people and I have my own data base. People are coming from all over the state to buy cars.”

Eisa sells a lot of used cars to customers with special credit needs, a challenging but rewarding endeavor that sometimes requires him to explain why certain used cars are too pricey for their means.


Florida Fine Cars  makes used car buying easy for everyone.

It’s a skill that requires much diplomacy and good cheer so the customer doesn’t leaving feeling upset that they couldn’t take home a pricier used car.

“I choose the right car for them and I get them the payment they are looking for,” Eisa explained.

Showing all customers respect is key to his success.

“I will treat every customer as if they were the last customer of the day. I respect and appreciate every single person who walks through the doors and try to make them feel as important to me as they are to the company,” Eisa said.

It’s smart customer service that works.


At Florida Fine Cars Hollywood, sales consultant John Ansari affirmed that treating customers right – no matter what – is the key to success. Ansari should know: he’s been working in car sales since the late 1980s.

“I am very pleasant and people buy cars from people they like,” Ansari said simply. “You have to treat customers right and you have to be on the top of your game. I have a plan at the beginning of the month and I work my plan.”

Wrote one happy customer in a DealerRater review: “From the moment I pulled up to the dealership I was impressed. The cars are nice and great quality. I was greeted by John Ansari and from that moment on I knew I was in good hands. He was pleasant, and honest. I got everything that was promised to me. And I got a great car for a really great price.”

Much of Ansari’s business comes from referrals.

“Word of mouth is the best way,” Ansari conceded. “Word of mouth gets around.”

Florida Fine Cars Miami sales consultant Ben Pishgou couldn’t agree more.

The veteran car salesman has been in the car business 25 years and knows firsthand that great customer service is what keeps customers coming back.

“You have to be nice to customers,” Pishgou explained. “You have to sell yourself to them. Don’t lie. Don’t promise, but if you do promise, you better honor it.”


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Ben Pishgou in Miami relies on referrals for much of his business.

Pishgou, who has done everything from operating car dealerships to selling cars himself, is also proactive about getting his own customers. He too has a large customer base that has come to him through personal referrals.

“I don’t wait around to get customers. They come to me, they call me,” Pishgou said smiling. “The more you are good to people, the more referrals you are going to get. People have to trust in you.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars: 10th Independent Dealer in Nation!

Family-owned used car dealer Florida Fine Cars has achieved the impressive ranking of 10th in the nation for independent used cars sales, according to a survey by Auto Remarketing Magazine. The accomplishment affirms the tenacious company’s business savvy in the highly-competitive used car market.

Florida Fine Cars sales consultants provide incredible customer service!

Florida Fine Cars sales consultants provide incredible customer service!

The dealership also nabbed the overall national ranking of 61st for all used car sales. With stores in Miami, Hollywood and West Palm Beach, Florida Fine Cars continues to climb in national rankings as it garners a bigger and bigger portion of a used car market populated by mega-dealerships.

The recent rankings are based on total year sales for 2015, according to Auto Remarketing Magazine.

“We have continued to grow year in and year out, with 2015 being our best year yet! We work very hard and we’re quite proud to be in and amongst the most successful automotive dealerships in the country,” said company spokesman Jamie Suid.


Florida Fine Cars is known for its huge variety of reasonably-priced high line cars.

The customer-friendly used car dealer’s growth is visible. Florida Fine Cars recently expanded north into Palm Beach County in October 2015. The company opened a huge new store in West Palm Beach to better serve its growing customer base. The new facility offers an elegant showroom, comfortable seating and plenty of room to browse, just minutes from Florida’s Turnpike and Palm Beach International Airport.


Florida Fine Cars’ talented staff of photographers expertly photograph all the used cars for the company website.

Convenience, quality and superb customer service are the essence of the Florida Fine Cars customer experience and are what keep bringing buyers walking through the showroom doors.NewFCCLogo

“Our success is a testament to our ongoing commitment to customer service,” Suid said. “Certainly we would not have grown to such a level without listening to our customers’ needs and adjusting certain aspects of what we do accordingly. With the first half of 2016 essentially gone, we can already tell this year will be another record breaker!”

Florida Fine Cars is known nationwide for its impressive inventory of competitively-priced high line cars as well as its top notch customer service. Florida Fine Cars doesn’t charge dealer fees and doesn’t negotiate price. Customers who shop at Florida Fine Cars enjoy an atmosphere of no pressure.

“I have to say that from the moment I walked in, until I drove out with a brand new car, I felt not only welcome but completely comfortable with the staff who were always there to help,” wrote one customer who gave Florida Fine Cars a five-star review on DealerRater.

DSCN6965Wrote another customer in another five-star DealerRater review, “I went to Florida Fine Cars to purchase my first car and I can honestly say I had a great easy going experience. The whole team worked hard to make sure we got the best deal possible. The process was fast and smooth.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and Hollywood and Miami.

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Florida Fine Cars Joins ‘Running Man Challenge’

MIAMI – Florida Fine Cars Miami has some pretty slick moves: dance moves that recently rippled through the dealership when employees produced their own version of the new “Running Man” viral video dance challenge.


Florida Fine Cars Miami employees who participated in “Running Man Challenge” video: Front, Greg Brown; second row, Paula Manzanaves & Roberto Prieto; third  row, Eva Rojas, Theresa White, Shalina Paul & Kelly Wallace


To date, the video has received more than 3,000 views.  And for good reason – viewers can see detailer/break dancer Roberto Prieto spinning wildly on one hand and sales consultant Amiee Miller jumping down into the splits from a standing position, among other zany things.NewFCCLogo

Miami sales consultant Kelly Wallace – an amateur videographer – challenged her co-workers to the task and they did not disappoint. The entire dealership at 21151 NW Second Avenue participated with enthusiasm, energy and some pretty impressive dance moves.

“Because the challenge has gone viral, I thought it would be a fun way to challenge the other stores. So far, no response,” Wallace chuckled. “We know the real winner here is Miami.”


Florida Fine Cars Miami employees “Running Man” challenge video dancers strike a pose inside the dealership.

Florida Fine Cars Miami is waiting for a response video from Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach and Florida Fine Cars Hollywood. So far, nothing.

So what is this viral Running Man dance challenge craze all about?

It requires participants to do a new-school “running man” dance move (not to be confused with the original “running man”) to the tune of “My Boo,” the 1995 hit from the group Ghost Town DJs.

Pro and college sports teams, as well police departments and municipalities across the country, are among those that have joined in the fun. And the zaniness continues to spread. The aim is to post a video that spurs a counterpart in another place to create and post their own video in response.

Wallace gave everyone at Florida Fine Cars Miami a day’s notice so they could wear something fun or practice their dance moves. For example, the women in the Miami-based accounting department all wore black tshirts and jeans.


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Kelly Wallace challenged her co-workers to make a “Running Man” video.

Wallace shot the video and spliced it together using some simple apps.

“I had at least 50 different clips. I probably used 25,” she said.

The end result was a total group effort: participants in the silly video hailed from detail to photography to sales and accounting. The final video even included a cameo by the dealership’s regular lunch truck driver.

Human Resources Director Farzin Farahmand said studies have shown that workers who are happy and have fun on the job work better and more productively. Florida Fine Cars management signed off on the video, with many managers actually participating in the video itself.

“I know how much it means for people to socialize at work. You need these breaks to be committed and loyal,” Farahmand said.

Sales consultant Greg Brown’s dancing debut kicks off the video’s very first few seconds with a head-turning solo.

Brown said he hopes the edgy fun will put the dealership on the map in a positive way.

“It’s gotten more than 3,000 views. Those are potential buyers,” Brown said. “It breaks the ice when customers come to see us. I was at the gym on the basketball court and someone said they saw the video of me doing the Running Man challenge. It was the best!”

Sales consultant Amiee Miller, who’s been selling used cars at Florida Fine Cars for four years, said the video unites the workers in an atmosphere of fun.

“We were playing around. It was awesome. Everybody loved it,” Miller said. Regarding her incredible ability to do the splits, Miller just laughed.

“I’m very flexible,” she said, smiling.

Detailer Roberto Prieto’s break dancing is a show-stopping part of the video.

“I’m a big kid,” said the father of two young boys, ages  8 and 11,  and a little girl, 10. “You better have fun when you are young because when you get old, you can’t!”

Prieto said he loves that local law enforcement agencies like Miramar Police and Sunrise Police and the Broward Sheriff’s Office have joined in the fun. It gives the participants a more human face, he noted.

“It’s cool,” said Prieto, who did a lot of break dancing when he was younger.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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