Florida Fine Cars’ Island Adventure!

MIAMI – Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Kelly Wallace grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands so when a customer from St. Thomas called to inquire about a vehicle, the pair immediately hit it off.


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Kelly Wallace, originally from the Virgin Islands, sold a vehicle long-distance to a customer there, then got a photo of him with the vehicle when she vacationed there.

Wallace, who is also from St. Thomas, explained the car buying process to customer Jalaunie George, sent the paperwork to him in St. Thomas and then sealed the deal on a $20,488 2015 white Ford Transit van. The vehicle was subsequently shipped to the Virgin Islands.

st. thomas map

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is located about 1,200 miles from Miami.

But the story doesn’t end there. In fact, it picked up again 1,200 miles from South Florida when Wallace met the happy customer face-to-face when she was home in St. Thomas on vacation.

George, a taxi driver and police officer for the Virgin Islands Port Authority, picked Wallace and her mother up at the airport in his Florida Fine Cars used transit van.


St. Thomas resident Jalaunie George and Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Kelly Wallace pose in St. Thomas next to the 2015 used Ford Transit van Wallace sold him.

“We kept in touch (after the sale),” Wallace explained. “I wanted to do a delivery photo.”

And she got one, of herself with George in St. Thomas standing next to the used van she sold him.


Beach cabana in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

“I think I was more excited than him. It is really an awesome moment in your career to see one of your vehicles travel so far to its new owner,” she noted.

“It was nice to meet Kelly,” George said in an interview from the Virgin Islands. “The van runs fine.”


Magen’s Bay, in St. Thomas, is a popular tourist attraction.

St. Thomas is the gateway island of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The beautiful island is known for its beaches, snorkeling and sportfishing.

Wallace, who has been selling used cars about a year, said the experience was satisfying. She was thrilled to get a ride in the vehicle she sold George.NewFCCLogo

“Mr. Jalaunie George turned out to be a taxi driver who scheduled me and my family’s pick up at the airport in the van we sold. Super cool moment!” Wallace said. “He uses the van daily to trek up all the crazy mountains and shuttle tourists around the scenic routes of the island.”

And the service she got was second to none.

“He took us to the other side of the island where there’s a ferry so we could continue island-hopping,” Wallace added.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike in Hollywood and Miami

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Photographers Make Florida Fine Cars Picture Perfect!

NewFCCLogoEver wonder how those detailed photographs of the interior and exterior of every car for sale at Florida Fine Cars make it to the web site?

Meet Abantu Marshall and his team of talented car photographers, who spend eight hours a day, every day, carefully photographing the Florida Fine Cars used car inventory. The detailed pictures of everything a prospective buyer would want to see are available at the click of a mouse because of them.


Florida Fine Cars photography director Abantu Marshall oversees the photography of all the cars on the company website.

“Photographing cars is hard work,” said Marshall, as he scanned through a series of interior car shots that had just been uploaded to the computer where he reviews them. “A simple car like a Nissan Altima that doesn’t have that many special features may take 20 minutes to shoot 30 pictures. But a fully-loaded Mercedes E350 might take 30 minutes and 60 pictures.”

That’s a lot of pictures.

Consider this: photographers at Florida Fine Cars’ Miami store usually photograph around 25 cars a day. If they shoot about 40 photos per car, that’s 1,000 pictures a day, which then have to be uploaded to the Florida Fine Cars website.

“That’s a lot of pictures,” Marshall conceded. “I enjoy it because I learn something new every day whether it is something about lighting or maybe about the car itself.”

Marshall’s photographers typically take eight exterior shots including the front, the back, both sides and every corner. Interior shots include doors, seats, steering wheels, controls, odometer, radio and seat controls.


Florida Fine Cars Miami photo team, left to right: Alfred Butler, Larry Jackson, Darrel Laidley, Maiko Alcidas , Willis McKnight, Abantu Marshall (supervisor)


It can be tedious and shots sometimes have to be redone if they are not taken on the correct angle or if they are blurry or poorly lit.

“If a shot has to be redone, it has to be redone. When it comes to pictures, we are looking for perfection,” Marshall said.


Florida Fine Cars photo director Abantu Marshall reviews photos that were uploaded to the company website.

And in the case of used car buying, a picture truly is worth a 1,000 words.

On this day, photographer Willis McKnight is busy shooting a Nissan Altima. Although his subject never moves, it’s not always easy getting the right shot at the right angle. But when he gets it just perfect, he knows HIS photos truly contribute to the sale.

“When a customer comes in, they already know what they want. They have already seen the details up close (by looking at the online photos),” McKnight said. “We help bring them in!”


Photographer Kito Alvin prepares a car for a photography session.

While McKnight photographs the Nissan, Marshall and Darrel Laidley are busy picking fuzzy dandelion seeds off the jet black ragtop of a hot white 2015 used Chevrolet convertible Camaro. The seeds apparently floated in a breeze.



Florida Fine Cars photographer Willis McKnight preps a used car for a photo shoot in Miami.

“You never know who may have a big screen and these imperfections would show up,” said Marshall, as he examined the car’s convertible top for any fuzzy seeds. “It would look terrible.”


Photographers Lee Casas and Johnson Calvaire  take thousands of car photos every week for the Florida Fine Cars website.

As Marshall and his crew photograph the used car inventory, they keep detailed notes on any rubs, scrapes or scratches. They mark down the imperfections and send their notes to management. Repairs are made, if deemed essential, before the cars go up for sale.

The turntable is the diciest part of their job.

To make it easier to photograph each car from different angles, Florida Fine Cars installed rotating turntables that can be operated with hand controls. The system allows the photographers to quickly and easily move the vehicle they are shooting to a different angle with the push of a button.


Florida Fine Cars Miami photographer Darrel Laidley takes a detail shot of the interior of a car.

But a prolonged squeeze of the hand control can send the car spinning around too quickly. It’s accidentally happened in the past and the results were damaging.

“It could turn at an inappropriate time,” McKnight acknowledged. “It gets touchy.”

Maria Rivera and Marisela Briceno take most of the photos at Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach.
The pair are all smiles when it comes to talking about their work.


Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach photographers Maria Rivera (left) and Marisela Briceno pose with the cameras they use to get their job done.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Rivera said.

“We love it,” Briceno added.

McKnight said his work is rewarding.

“You feel proud. You feel good. Especially when you have a customer come in and say ‘I love the photos,’” McKnight said.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars Cashes In With New Corporate Finance Director

Florida Fine Cars has a new corporate finance director: Mike Mueger, a finance professional who has worked in the auto industry for nearly 20 years.

Mueger, who has worked for auto dealers across South Florida, brings experience, business savvy and years of customer service to Florida Fine Cars to help usher the company to the next level. His goal is to create a uniformity that will help Florida Fine Cars used car sales proceed without a hitch at every location.

“I have to make sure every single finance manager in the group is using the same process and procedures, so when a deal is done at Florida Fine Cars it is done the same everywhere so the customer experience does not change,” Mueger said.


Florida Fine Cars Corporate Finance Director Mike Mueger is working to create uniformity at the growing used car company in an effort to promote even more professionalism.

Mueger said the professionalism and caring atmosphere at Florida Fine Cars impressed him from the start.

“It starts at the top. From the minute I walked in the door there was always care about the employee,” Mueger said. “If you have unhappy employees, they are going to be rude or uncaring to a customer. There are so many ways it can trickle down to the customer experience.”

In other words, if you want your customers to be happy, you also have to make sure your employees are happy.

NewFCCLogoSuccess involves continuous training, building strong relationships with banks and ensuring an atmosphere of professionalism that is consistent at every store.

Mueger won’t be sitting still in his new job. He will be traveling among Florida Fine Cars three dealerships in West Palm Beach, Hollywood and Miami every week overseeing 17 finance managers in three counties.

And on a busy day, the company might finalize 50 used car sales, which yield at least 100 pages of complex paperwork that has to be filled out correctly. Communication is key so mistakes don’t happen.


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Felix Cespedes poses with a happy customer and her Chevrolet Volt at the West Palm Beach store.

“Each deal involves at least 20 different pages of documents including everything from a purchase order to trade paperwork, drivers license and credit information,” Mueger said.

“Nothing is ever the same. There is always a new challenge. There is always a resolution.”

Mueger acknowledged that bigger car dealerships may sell more volume, but bigger is not always better. Sometimes enormous growth comes with a price.

“What happens when you build a huge business is that sometimes the customer experience gets lost and that in turn tends to hurt business,” Mueger said. “Our competition is hearing our footsteps. With our culture, we are slowly but surely taking the bulk of the business.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars April Sales Near 900!

Florida Fine Cars used car sales consultants sold nearly 900 used cars in April, more than half the company’s entire used car inventory in a 30-day period.


Florida Fine Cars used Mercedes on display in showroom at Florida Fine Cars Miami.

Top used car sellers for April include Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach used car sales consultant Moe Eisa, with 36 used cars; Florida Fine Cars Hollywood used car sales consultant Paulo Mendes Freitas, with 22.5 used cars; and Florida Fine Cars Miami used car sales consultant Yosvani Pons, with 23 used cars.

An amazing job by all!NewFCCLogo

All three April top sellers are repeat winners who regularly rank among their store’s top selling sales consultants.

Companywide, Florida Fine Cars Miami topped April sales with the sale of 464 used cars. Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach came in second with the sale of 236 used cars; and Florida Fine Cars Hollywood placed third, with the sale of 157 used cars – a record-breaking milestone for that store.


Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach sales consultant Moe Eisa was the company’s top seller for April with the sale of 36 used cars.

Eisa, who’s been in the used car business for about eight years, said 50 to 60 percent of his business comes from referrals. Eisa gets a lot of referrals because he works hard and provides excellent customer service.

“Almost all people have had a bad experience sometime. I try to make them feel comfortable to the point where I am like a friend or family,” Eisa said. “I try to get them the best deal and payment, and make sure they are happy.”

Eisa is especially good at helping used car buyers work around credit challenges.

“Some people go all over and can’t get approved. I like it when people come here not expecting anything and they leave with their dream car,” Eisa said. “Then they go and tell their family and friends and they bring them here and I make it happen again.”

Florida Fine Cars Miami used car sales consultant Yosvani Pons said he carefully follows a series of steps to ensure a deal goes through. The system works for him: he is often the top seller at Florida Fine Cars’ Miami used car dealership.


Florida Fine Cars Miami sales consultant Yosvani Pons was his store’s top seller for April with the sale of 23 used cars.

“I am not a pushy salesperson. I let people take their time,” Pons said. “I am not trying to sell them a used car. I just want to help them out and if it works out, it works out.”

For Pons, it almost always works out. He gets many of his used car customers through referrals.

Pons carefully tracks his sales numbers and estimates a 50 percent close rate with referrals. He knows where his sales originate and that helps him succeed.

“I know the business,” Pons said. “I think people sense that I know what I am talking about. I listen to and follow the manager’s advice. Whatever is needed to make it happen, I get it done.”

Florida Fine Cars general manager Chris Kellom said Pons followup is meticulous.

“He is constantly on the phone and he gets a lot of referrals and repeat business,” Kellom said. “You treat people nice and they refer you.”


Florida Fine Cars Hollywood sales consultant Paulo Mendes Freitas is his store’s top seller for April with the sale of 22.5 used cars.

Florida Fine Cars Hollywood used car consultant Paulo Mendes Freitas attributes his consistent success rate with great customer service. Happy customers refer their friends and relatives if they get great service and a great deal, Freitas noted.

“I treat the customers the way they want to be treated,” Freitas said. “People hate the system. When you are friendly with them and educate them about the whole process so they are part of the process, they understand better.”

His most important advice? Listen twice as much as you talk.

“If they are looking for a spacious car but they have a limited budget or if they want something not too fancy or not too simple, listen: they provide all the tools you need to sell. Just listen to them,” Freitas said. “The whole thing is about paying attention.”

Florida Fine Cars Hollywood sales manager Elias Contreras said his employees hustled in April to make record-breaking sales.

“Everybody worked real hard,” Contreras said. “Customer service is key. We have to provide good customer service and stand by our word. Next month we will be even higher!”

Florida Fine Cars doesn’t charge dealer fees and offers a huge variety of beautiful used cars at its three easy-to-find locations in West Palm Beach, Hollywood and Miami. Shop for your car online at www.floridafinecars.com, hammer out the terms of  your Florida Fine Cars purchase through Virtual Deal and then stop by one of Florida Fine Cars’ convenient locations and pick up your used car. Your new Florida Fine Cars wheels await.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars Virtual Deal Offers New Option for Used Car Shopping


Florida Fine Cars BMW models await buyers at a Florida Fine Cars dealership.

WEST PALM BEACH – Introducing Florida Fine Cars’ ground-breaking new way to buy a used car: the Virtual Deal, which allows used car buyers to hammer out the terms of their sale completely online.

“We are the only used car dealer in Florida to have it,” Florida Fine Cars Marketing Director Jamie Suid noted. “Everyone knows when they buy a car what is going to happen. The sales guy is going to sit down with a piece of paper and you will go back and forth until you agree on a payment. This new technology gives the consumer the choice to eliminate all of that and simply puts that process online.”

It’s just another way Florida Fine Cars offers its used car buyers the best possible customer service in Florida. And it’s a huge time saver: customers can now craft the terms of their used car deal online in addition to applying for credit and getting an appraisal online.

It’s all with the simple click of a mouse. After all, buying a used car is one of the single biggest purchases an individual ever makes. So why not make it easy?

“The idea is to make it more convenient for the customer and save them time so they spend less time here,” Suid said. “We know customers don’t want to be here all day, they have things to do like the rest of us. It also it takes away a lot of the stress that people sometimes feel.”NewFCCLogo

Florida Fine Cars customers can choose their used car online, discuss the payment terms online with a virtual sales consultant and then head to the dealer to seal the deal and drive their dream car home. It’s as easy as one-two-three.

Here’s how it works: Go to www.FloridaFineCars.com after selecting a used car, and click on the “Start My Virtual Deal” button. The system automatically assigns a Florida Fine Cars sales consultant to the customer and virtual discussions begin.

Lexus is-f flared final

Florida Fine Cars new ‘Virtual Deal’ car buying option puts customers in the drivers seat by removing the stress of face-to-face car shopping.

The customer will receive an email offering an array of payment options, based on down payment and terms. The system figures in taxes and fees so the customer can get a real feel for the actual cost. Florida Fine Cars never charges dealer fees.

The customer has plenty of time to craft a deal that works best for them and after that, Florida Fine Cars will reserve the customer’s used car of choice for 24 hours.

Here is a typical sales consultant response to a customer query:

“Hello. Here are the requested deal numbers on the vehicle you like. You can respond directly to me in the comment section or via my contact info below. We can do as much online as you’d like including trade value and financing, leaving the test drive and a bit of quick paperwork when you come in. Our goal is to make this the best car buying experience you’ve ever had. What questions can I answer for you now?”

This cutting-edge used car buying option enables Florida Fine Car customers to secure their used car deal in the pressure-free comfort of their own home in their own time frame.

With Virtual Deal, customers can carefully review payment options and payment terms on their own terms and arrange a used car buying deal by communicating virtually with a Florida Fine Cars sales consultant instead of face-to-face.

The beauty of Virtual Deal is that it allows customers to take their time. All the time.

“Used car buyers can take as much or as little time as they want. It’s taking away what most people see as a stressful situation,” Suid explained. “Buying a used car is exciting. Buyers love to see the cars, touch the cars and smell the cars. But working out the nitty gritty details of a sale is something many used car buyers dread.”

Florida Fine Cars’ Virtual Deal option puts buyers in the drivers seat so they are in control.

“All that is left is the test drive,” Suid said. “It takes the uncomfortable part of car buying away, which is going back and forth on numbers in a strange place with strange people – by doing it all online, from wherever you are comfortable. Not that we think our showrooms or people are strange!”

Florida Fine Cars’ Virtual Deal allows customers to shop in their pajamas or from the office and get payments and credit approval all before putting a toe on the lot.

Log in to www.floridafinecars.com and click “Virtual Deal,” find your dream car, figure out your payments and then stop by Florida Fine Cars for a test drive.

Buying a quality used car at Florida Fine Cars just got easier.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike in Hollywood and Miami. 

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