5 Reasons To Buy a Used Car at Florida Fine Cars

New or used. That is the question and when it comes to car shopping there is a world of difference between the two.


Craig Grunewald, Florida Fine Cars Finance Manager

Florida Fine Cars veteran finance manager Craig Grunewald explains why it makes sense to buy your next car used at Florida Fine Cars, a family-owned used car dealer known for its impressive selection of quality used cars.NewFCCLogo

Remember, used car shopping has evolved with the growth of the Internet and used car dealers have been forced to up their game: transparency, honesty, no hidden fees, no dealer fees and total disclosure are what car buyers experience when they shop at Florida Fine Cars.

Here are Grunewald’s top 5 reasons why buying a used Florida Fine Cars vehicle is the ONLY way to go:

  1. Depreciation. It’s the No. 1 reason why everyone should buy used. New car values drop an estimated 30 percent in the first year. According to Edmunds.com, a car loses less than that in years two, three and four combined. That means a car buyer who purchases a car in its second year and owns it for three years saves a ton of cash, Edmunds.com notes. “(Customers) should save that money (they would lose the first year) and instead buy a used vehicle,” Grunewald said. “A used vehicle depreciates much less.”
  2. Cost. A used vehicle has already depreciated so there won’t be as much sticker shock upfront. A used vehicle simply costs less than a new one. You automatically get more bang for your buck when you buy used instead of new, Grunewald said.
  3. More for Less. Cars are all about image and when a customer buys used instead of new, dreams CAN come true! A make and model that would normally be out of a car buyer’s range suddenly becomes attainable because it costs so much less used. “Someone could walk into a dealer wanting to buy a Honda and realize that a used Mercedes is the same price as a new Honda,” Grunewald stated. “A customer can own a make and model that they would never aspire to own otherwise.”
  4. Perfect Payments. Finding the right size payment is a challenge most car buyers face. Too much car translates into too big a payment. But with a used car, obtaining an affordable car payment is much more likely because the car itself will be much more reasonably priced.“People are always worried about the payment. Used cars have already been depreciated so you are buying the car for less. When comparing to a similar car new, the payments will be much less,” Grunewald pointed out.
  5. Warranties. When it comes to protecting your used car, no worries. Extended warranties can be purchased for most used vehicles, providing used car buyers the same sort of added peace of mind they might have when buying a more expensive new car that is under factory warranty.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami. 

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7 Florida Fine Cars Tips to Simplify Used Car Buying

Need a used car? Here’s a few tips and tricks from a veteran Florida Fine Cars used car professional on how to get the best bang for your buck and drive off in the used car of your dreams with as few headaches as possible.

We asked Florida Fine Cars general sales manager Kiko Tasevski what used car buyers can do to prepare themselves for the best car shopping experience possible.logoinventory

Remember, when you’re shopping for a used car, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Used car dealers today offer so many different makes and models and all of them look like new. It’s important to find a dealer with top-notch customer service to help guide you through the car buying experience. Florida Fine Cars sales professionals make the process easy!

NewFCCLogoCar shopping has also changed. Many consumers comb the internet for great deals long before they ever step out onto an actual car lot. Car buyers today are savvy, educated and determined to find the best price around.


Kiko Tasevski, Florida Fine Cars general sales manager

According to Tasevski, lowest price is what most car buyers are shopping for and the majority of potential buyers who walk into a dealership have already done their homework online.

“Most customers know what kind of car they can qualify for. They are smart customers,” Tasevski added.

So what can a used car buyer do to make their car shopping experience even easier? Here are a few tips from Tasevski that will help simplify the process:

  1. Know your budget:  A customer has to have an adequate income to purchase a car and must be realistic when selecting a price range.“If someone makes $10-an-hour, they won’t qualify for an $80,000 car,” Tasevski said. “They have to have reasonable expectations.” 
  2. Know how much money you can afford to put down:  The amount required to purchase a used car will vary based on the make, model and year of the vehicle.“The older the car and the higher mileage, the less money a customer generally has to put down, and vice versa,” Tasevski noted. Be prepared.
  3. Know your credit score:  A customer with a higher credit score can usually obtain a better interest rate and better loan terms. Customers with lower credit score can still purchase vehicles but must be more flexible in their expectations about terms and rates. Florida Fine Cars works with all customers.
  4. Bring proof of income: Pay stubs are essential. Car dealers can’t sell a vehicle to someone who doesn’t have the ability to pay off a car loan.
  5. Know what you are shopping for: Used car dealers today are so large and stock so many different makes and models that an unprepared used car shopper can easily be overwhelmed by the massive inventory. Every used car for sale is unique so it is important to know ahead of time what kind of car you are looking for and what features are important to you. Knowing these facts beforehand will simplify a car buyer’s search.
  6. Get pre-approved for financing online: Go to www.floridafinecars.com and click the “financing” button at the top of the page. Fill out the form ahead of time to save time when you arrive at the dealership. It’s simple.
  7. Read the free online CARFAX reports:  An educated customer is a smart customer and much information is available online about every used car for sale at Florida Fine Cars.  Find out as much possible about a car’s history before your purchase so you are completely comfortable with your selection.

Buying a used car at Florida Fine Cars is as easy as clicking a mouse! Shop for your next used car from the comfort of home, then stop by Florida Fine Cars and take a test drive.

“We are trying to make it easy and pleasant. We want everybody to be happy, whether they buy a used car or not,” Tasevski said. “We are very honest and transparent. We provide Carfax reports, Autocheck, anything a customer wants. And there are no hidden fees.


Florida Fine Cars Miami offers hundreds of like-new used cars for sale.

“We are striving to provide the best customer service. We are striving for that ‘wow’ service,” Tasevski said.

Stop by Florida Fine Cars today and find the used car of your dreams. With used car dealerships in West Palm Beach, Hollywood and Miami and an incredible inventory of nearly 1,500 used cars, it’s easy to find the perfect ride.

Get pre-approved online, find your car, take a test drive and take your Florida Fine Cars used car home today.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami. 

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Florida Fine Cars August Used Car Sales Persevere


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Despite the summer doldrums, August used car sales at Florida Fine Cars reached nearly 700 vehicles, an impressive accomplishment for the company’s three independent dealerships in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Industry experts regularly forecast summer sales slumps which … Continue reading

Florida Fine Cars Corporate Sales Director to Stress Customer Service

Veteran car professional Mike Iglesias aims to make Florida Fine Cars the most customer-friendly place to buy a used car around.


Florida Fine Cars Corporate Sales Director Mike Iglesias plans to focus on customer service and training.

As the business’s new Corporate Sales Director, that means focusing on customer and employee satisfaction. All the time.

Iglesias doesn’t want car buyers to feel like they are just a number and he doesn’t want them to feel pressured. And with nearly 30 years experience in the auto industry, he has the know-how to get the job done.

“Buying a car is an intimate buying experience. We’re not here to sell you a car, we’re here to help you buy a car,” Iglesias explained. “There’s a difference.”

Customer Relations Manager Jamie Suid couldn’t be happier.

“I love it. The training Mike is putting together is going to make the experience that much more consistent and pleasant for our clients,” Suid said. “The more consistent our interactions are, the quicker our clients can become familiar with the personality and professionalism of the brand, and really start to build that relationship with Florida Fine Cars.”

Iglesias worked for one of the highest volume used car dealers in the nation and resigned his job because he was unnerved by the way the company treated both its staffers and its car buyers – that everyone was replaceable.

“I got tired of the way they treated their customers and their sales staff, looking at them as only numbers in a boiler room,” Iglesias said.

He is now working to institute a uniform training program for sales consultants at Florida Fine Cars with an emphasis on improved customer service, reviews and overall people skills.

NewFCCLogoCar sales associates don’t need previous car sales experience to be great sales personnel. They need great customer service skills, an ability to talk to people and a good ear to listen, Iglesias said.

“We just hired a musician based on his personality and his charisma. Anyone that has charisma can make this a career,” Iglesias said.

He’s a strong believer that hard work makes success.

“Nothing has ever been handed to me, I strongly believe in self-discipline and hard work,” Iglesias said. “I paid for college selling cars and immediately afterwards was promoted from selling 20 cars+ per month to a finance manager.”

Iglesias excelled in the auto industry, going on to become a finance director. During his years in the auto industry, he has worked for domestic, Japanese and German car manufacturers.

He worked as finance manager, sales manager, finance director, general sales manager and corporate executive for the largest franchise auto dealer in the nation for 14 years.

Iglesias has also worked as a special finance director, a general sales manager and a general manager at numerous dealerships across Florida.

What his experience tells him is that good training is essential for success.

“A lot of people in this business hire you and hang you out to dry,” Iglesias said. “At the end of the day, if our staff fails, we fail as managers.” His hope is for Florida Fine Cars to eventually mirror the franchise model.

“They expect you to be at a certain level of customer satisfaction and we should hold ourselves to that same level or higher,” he said.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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DealerRater Recognizes Florida Fine Cars with a Consumer Satisfaction Award

2016DRCustomerSatisfactionAward (1)Florida Fine Cars Hollywood and Florida Fine Cars Miami have been each awarded a 2016 DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award, an annual recognition given to auto dealerships that deliver outstanding customer service as rated by online consumer reviews.

DealerRater, the car dealer review site for consumers, created the Consumer Satisfaction Award program to let online car shoppers instantly spot dealers that provide high-quality customer service.

“We collect experiences and Florida Fine Cars really stands out based on the good experiences they give their customers,” said Michael Donovan, DealerRater experience advisor in Waltham, MA. “We have a 25-word minimum for our reviews – that is why we say we collect experiences. Florida Fine Cars won this award because they give overwhelmingly great experiences.”NewFCCLogo

Consumer Satisfaction Awards are given to the top 10 percent of U.S. new car dealers  as well as top Independent and Canadian dealerships that receive at least 25 annual reviews and maintain a top rating based on the dealership’s average DealerRater consumer rating during the 2015 calendar year.

“To say we’re excited about receiving this recognition is an understatement,” said Customer Relations Manager Jamie Suid. “We know how good of a job we know we’re doing, but this is confirmation from our clients, and there’s no better way to showcase the hard work our team has been putting forth in making sure that each and every customer is given the attention they deserve.”

Florida Fine Cars Hollywood and Florida Fine Cars Miami have achieved consistently high marks on the DealerRater website, placing the two stores among the top dealerships nationwide. Suid is confident the West Palm Beach store will receive a similar rating next year: the store was simply too new to be included in the tally.

“We’re quite proud of all three of our stores in achieving the customer satisfaction ratings that they have, and we look forward to our West Palm Beach store earning the same recognition next year as they were simply too young of a store to participate this time around,” Suid said.

Donovan said the recognition is something to be proud of.

“It is a big accomplishment,” Donovan said. The award is exclusively given to dealers who receive consistently good customer reviews.

graylogo(2)By receiving a Consumer Satisfaction Award, Florida Fine Cars Hollywood and Florida Fine Cars Miami are among the contenders for DealerRater’s 2016 Dealer of the Year Award, which recognizes the top performing dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

“We’d like to congratulate Florida Fine Cars and all of our Consumer Satisfaction Award winners,” said DealerRater CEO Gary Tucker. “DealerRater is where car shoppers learn from their peers which dealers provide stellar customer service and a remarkable in-showroom experience.

These reviews even allow consumers to learn if there are specific employees who are going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction with the shopping or purchase process, so they can find someone they want to give future business to,” Tucker said. “Now they can quickly identify that Florida Fine Cars Hollywood and Florida Fine Cars Miami are among the best in the U.S.”

DealerRater features more than two million dealer reviews, which are read by more than 14 million car shoppers every year.

“Thousands of dealers across the U.S. and Canada compete every year to win our coveted Dealer of the Year award,” says Tucker. “The Consumer Satisfaction Award is one way for online shoppers to instantly recognize quality customer service regardless of brand or region.”

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Florida Fine Cars Sales Staff Sells BIG!


Florida Fine Cars Miami sales consultant Luis Baigorria says success is all about great customer service.

Florida Fine Cars used cars sales are hot. So hot the family-owned dealership turned over its entire inventory in just two months!

Used car sales for June and July 2016 totaled more than 1,400 used cars with repeat winners snagging the honor of top sales consultants in both West Palm Beach and Hollywood.

Once again, West Palm Beach salesman Moe Eisa was the top seller for his store and also the top sales consultant overall for Florida Fine Cars for both months. This prolific salesman sold an amazing 41.5 used cars in June and another 34 used cars in July. Leo Rivera was Florida Fine Cars’ top Miami salesman in June with the sale of 31 used cars and Luis Baigorria was the store’s top seller for July with the sale of 20.5 used cars. Hollywood salesmen Jimmie Lee Chatmon III and Juan Contreras tied for Hollywood’s top June honors by each  selling 14.5 used cars. Hollywood sales consultants John Ansari and Adrian Alejo tied for top July honors in Hollywood with the sale of 16 used cars each.

The West Palm Beach store sold a total of 200 used cars in June and another 250 in July; the Miami store sold 379 used cars in June and 384 in July; and the Hollywood store sold 115 used cars in June and 124 in July. That’s a lot of used cars!


Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach top June/July 2016 seller Moe Eisa.

Eisa is consistently the company’s highest achiever, a feat he accomplishes through hard work, great customer service and lots of referrals.

Florida Fine Cars West Palm Beach sales manager Torrey Lunn attributed Eisa’s continual success to a consistent work ethic.

“Day in, day out it doesn’t change. He understands the system and just applies the same methods over and over again: working with his customers, working hard following up with his appointments and not giving up with his customers, no matter what the deal. He is going to follow through to the end.”NewFCCLogo

Lunn said Eisa also looks outside of the dealership for leads and gets a lot of referrals.

“He is doing his thing. He is humble guy,” Lunn said.

Florida Fine Cars is known for its quality inventory, its wide selection of luxury cars and its fair pricing. Florida Fine Cars does not charge dealer fees and does not negotiate price. The mix is attracting a lot of customers.

Florida Fine Cars Hollywood dealership had two top sellers for June and two for July, with a tie between Jimmie Lee Chatmon III and Juan Contreras for June with each selling 14.5 used cars. John Ansari and new employee Adrian Alejo tied for July sales, each selling 16 used cars. 

For Chatmon, the honor was a milestone. Chatmon has only been selling used cars for about six months and attributed his win to lots and lots of hard work.

“I did my process. What I mainly do is make sure I make a minimum amount of calls each day and have a minimum amount of appointments each day,” Chatmon said. “You do your business every day whether it’s going good or not. In the long run it’s going to be good for you.”

Chatmon said great customer service is the key to getting customers to come back.

“It’s like the most important thing,” Chatmon said. “how you treat the customers is basically going to dictate whether you are going to get the sale. Just treat people the way you want to be treated. You want to feel like your not getting cheated, that you are getting a good deal. When you do that you get referrals.”

Contreras is a repeat winner with many years in used car sales.


John Ansari, left, and Adrian Alejo, right, Florida Fine Cars top July sales consultants in Hollywood.

The story of Ansari and Alejo is one of true teamwork. Alejo, a new employee, has only worked for Florida Fine Cars about three months and is new to car sales in general. He and Ansari met in a kosher supermarket in Aventura where Alejo worked stocking shelves and doing inventory. Ansari saw potential in Alejo’s customer service skills and helped him get a job selling cars at Florida Fine Cars. He picked well.

“I brought him in. I showed him the ropes,” Ansari said smiling. “He had potential.”

Alejo seems to be a natural.

“You have to sell yourself. Customers buy the salesperson. Then they buy the car,” Alejo said. “You have to be friendly with the customers, tell them the truth and be transparent.”


Leo Rivera, top Miami seller for June.

Florida Fine Cars top Miami seller for June is Leo Rivera, a 9-year employee who sold 21 used cars in June. Rivera said many of his used car customers come from referrals. Luis Baigorria is Miami’s top seller for July, with 21 used cars.

Rivera said he gets referrals because his customer service is so great.

“Customer service is number one. I am the type of salesman that customers will always remember. I have the opportunity to treat you good and you always remember me,” Rivera said. “I can put it together.”

Baigorria, a pro with 29 years experience selling cars, said there is no real secret to being successful. It’s all about hard work and following up.

DSCN6965“I know the business. In the end, the bottom line is about being nice to the customer and being friendly. It’s all about the customers,” Baigorria said.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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Dial Up Florida Fine Cars & Giggle While You Wait

Attention Florida Fine Cars used car shoppers: get ready to giggle if you’re put on hold.

Andrea Poteet (1)

Andrea Poteet, creative consultant for BusinessVoice.

Instead of boring elevator music, callers hear what’s unique about Florida Fine Cars in a funny, hip way. They hear a lot of stuff they’re not expecting, like Abe Lincoln and George Washington talking about driving sweet Bimmers. Or that all Florida Fine Cars used cars come with floors.


Are you laughing yet?

Callers hear about “OMG face,” and learn why Florida Fine Cars should become your new favorite “F” word thanks to the marketing savvy of Florida Fine Cars Marketing Manager Jamie Suid, who discovered that BusinessVoice offered a clever, original way to stand out.

Essentially we were looking for something that makes the often annoying situation of being left on hold a little less annoying,” Suid said. “We train very hard to make sure our clients are not put on hold when they call us but it does happen. I thought, instead of the same boring hold music we are all accustomed too, why not something funny and lighthearted?

The silly scripts are the brainchild of Andrea Poteet, creative consultant for BusinessVoice, the On Hold Marketing Agency. Poteet and Suid immediately hit it off and together mapped out a plan of action that has callers cracking up.

“I think callers can relate to content like this but it also throws them for a loop when they first hear it. And then we have their attention,” Poteet said. Florida Fine Cars earned the honor of On Hold Marketing of the Month for June 2016.

Poteet created the dialogues Florida Fine Cars callers hear when they are placed on hold, and because Florida Fine Cars has so many young customers, she tailored them to a younger crowd.

“OMG face” is the face customers make after shopping at Florida Fine Cars. Duh!!!

“They don’t charge a dealer fee so the price you see is the price you pay and that causes OMG Face,” a mirthful-sounding recorded voice explains. “Yep, classic OMG Face. Florida Fine Cars – no hidden fees but some weird faces.”


Caller Experience (2)On another recording, the narrator muses that perhaps Florida Fine Cars uses wizards to get such great deals from banks. Really?

“When banks say ‘no’ we cast spells on them,” the narrator glibly states. “Do you want to help our customer get a loan, bank, or do you want to be turned into a goat? Or maybe … we just have great relationships with a wide network of banks and credit unions.”

And then there’s the one about picking up a first date in a “normal” used car with a tricky handle that needs jiggling, a sharp spring poking from the upholstery and Roger the Raccoon in the back seat. A first date in a Florida Fine Cars used car is naturally more polished such as a ride in a luxurious BMW with a drop top and premium sound system. 

“Shop somewhere else and get mauled by a territorial raccoon,” the on-hold narrator quips. Grrrrrr!NewFCCLogo

And in the fiercely competitive used car market, capturing and holding a customer’s interest is key from start to finish. Gotcha!

“Since Florida Fine Cars has a younger customer base than a lot of other car dealerships, I used edgier language to set the dealership apart from the crowd,” Poteet noted. “I also focused on the unique selling points, like no dealer fees and VIP Club perks. And since Florida Fine Cars sells luxury cars at affordable prices, I always include the general theme of getting people behind the wheel of their dream car. The humor grabs the callers’ attention so they don’t miss the message about what makes Florida Fine Cars different.”

Different. Better. Affordable. Shop Florida Fine Cars today at www.floridafinecars.com.

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars Detail Crews Make Used Cars Look New!

Florida Fine Cars customers want used cars that look like they’re new, even though they’re not. Competition for used car sales is fierce, so every car for sale must look nothing short of fantastic.


Florida Fine Cars detail manager Roderick Sweeting said workers’ aim is to make used cars look new.

At Florida Fine Cars, customers get amazing: it’s all in the details.

“Customers are most particular,” said Florida Fine Cars detail manager Roderick Sweeting. “They look at everything. They look at the sunvisors, the seatbelts, the glove box and the trunk.”

That’s why Florida Fine Cars detailers work so hard to serve up excellence.

Florida Fine Cars used cars roll off the lot with a sparkle and flash that would rival the polish of just about any new car around.

Detail crews equipped with industrial vacuums, an array of cleaners and polish, and a lot of experience work round the clock to transform dull into dazzling.

They do it with a keen attention to detail, a lot of company pride and plenty of hard work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Detailers work tirelessly in sometimes broiling heat in two separate shifts that stretch into evening to present Florida Fine Cars customers with used cars that look new.

On this day, detailer Roberto Prieto is intent on removing a faint decal imprint from the front left bumper of a stunning 2002 royal blue Corvette. He is determined to find a solution.NewFCCLogo

The smells of wheel cleaner, car soap, and polish fill the air like a cloying perfume as the music of El Zol 106.7 FM blares in the background. Prieto’s goal is to transform old into outstanding.

He rubs a pasty-looking substance into the mark and smiles with satisfaction as the flaw begins to fade.


Florida Fine Cars detailers work hard to bring cars back to perfection!

“Yes,” he grins happily, as he rubs fiercely. His secret? a cheese sponge. But when the imprint refuses to completely disappear, Prieto calls for more help. This time his cheese sponge weapon did not work as well as he had hoped.

“They are going to have to buff it,” Prieto announces. “It’s going to look new. Brand new.”

Then it’s onto the next used car.

“It feels good. You know you are doing something right instead of doing something the wrong way,” Prieto said about his work. “Me, I look for perfection.”


Florida Fine Cars detailer Roberto Prieto polishes a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette.

Used cars arrive at Florida Fine Cars in all sorts of condition. To make them customer-ready, all used cars go through detail, wash and dry. It takes about an hour per vehicle – sometimes a lot more – to restore the original spit-polished shine. Upholstery is cleaned, leather is rubbed, rugs are shampooed and carpets are vacuumed.

Challenges like animal hair, beach sand and a variety of stains take longer to overcome but are still manageable.

Detailers have their trade secrets.

“We have a machine called a ‘tornado’ that blows air and blows cleaner. The air propels the cleaner,” Sweeting chuckled.

Detailers have recovered everything from old clothing to ammunition to hookah pipes inside the cars they are cleaning. It’s always a surprise. Everything is properly discarded.

At least five Florida Fine Cars employees touch every car before the vehicle makes it to the sales lot. It is only then that customers can check the newly-detailed cars out and marvel at their beauty.

Cleaning used cars is a tough job, mostly because Florida is incredibly hot and humid. As a result, Sweeting is always looking for good workers.

“Working in the heat is a big obstacle,” he acknowledged. “Workers have to drink a lot of water. I know this looks easy but it is not easy.”


A Florida Fine Cars detailer cleans the leather inside a used car.

Sweeting is proud of his crew and the hard work they do to make the cars at Florida Fine Cars look fantastic. Without the skill of his devoted detail crew, the used cars would look … used instead of new!

“Customers want a used car to look like a new car,” Sweeting said simply. “We make it happen.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars’ May Used Car Sales Top 700!


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Moe Eisa did it again, selling more used cars in May than anyone else in the company. The feat once again earned him the distinction of being the company’s overall top seller with the monthly sale of 28.5 used carsNewFCCLogo


In Miami, sales consultant Ben Pishgou was his store’s top seller for May with the sale of 18.5 used cars, and sales consultant John Ansari was Hollywood’s top seller with the sale of 17 used cars

Companywide, Florida Fine Cars used car sales totaled 730 used cars for May, with the Miami store topping the list at 389 used cars, followed by West Palm Beach with 209 used cars, and Hollywood with 132 used cars.

Congratulations to all for an incredible job in an extremely competitive market!


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Moe Eisa in West Palm Beach is the company’s top seller for May.

Eisa, who works in West Palm Beach and consistently ranks as Florida Fine Cars’ top seller, said he works about 50 hours a week, every week, to achieve his top ranking status. Even when he’s off work, he still makes himself available to answer questions by phone.

“On my off days customers are calling me so I set up appointments,” Eisa said. “I refer people and I have my own data base. People are coming from all over the state to buy cars.”

Eisa sells a lot of used cars to customers with special credit needs, a challenging but rewarding endeavor that sometimes requires him to explain why certain used cars are too pricey for their means.


Florida Fine Cars  makes used car buying easy for everyone.

It’s a skill that requires much diplomacy and good cheer so the customer doesn’t leaving feeling upset that they couldn’t take home a pricier used car.

“I choose the right car for them and I get them the payment they are looking for,” Eisa explained.

Showing all customers respect is key to his success.

“I will treat every customer as if they were the last customer of the day. I respect and appreciate every single person who walks through the doors and try to make them feel as important to me as they are to the company,” Eisa said.

It’s smart customer service that works.


At Florida Fine Cars Hollywood, sales consultant John Ansari affirmed that treating customers right – no matter what – is the key to success. Ansari should know: he’s been working in car sales since the late 1980s.

“I am very pleasant and people buy cars from people they like,” Ansari said simply. “You have to treat customers right and you have to be on the top of your game. I have a plan at the beginning of the month and I work my plan.”

Wrote one happy customer in a DealerRater review: “From the moment I pulled up to the dealership I was impressed. The cars are nice and great quality. I was greeted by John Ansari and from that moment on I knew I was in good hands. He was pleasant, and honest. I got everything that was promised to me. And I got a great car for a really great price.”

Much of Ansari’s business comes from referrals.

“Word of mouth is the best way,” Ansari conceded. “Word of mouth gets around.”

Florida Fine Cars Miami sales consultant Ben Pishgou couldn’t agree more.

The veteran car salesman has been in the car business 25 years and knows firsthand that great customer service is what keeps customers coming back.

“You have to be nice to customers,” Pishgou explained. “You have to sell yourself to them. Don’t lie. Don’t promise, but if you do promise, you better honor it.”


Florida Fine Cars sales consultant Ben Pishgou in Miami relies on referrals for much of his business.

Pishgou, who has done everything from operating car dealerships to selling cars himself, is also proactive about getting his own customers. He too has a large customer base that has come to him through personal referrals.

“I don’t wait around to get customers. They come to me, they call me,” Pishgou said smiling. “The more you are good to people, the more referrals you are going to get. People have to trust in you.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and in Hollywood and Miami

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Florida Fine Cars: 10th Independent Dealer in Nation!

Family-owned used car dealer Florida Fine Cars has achieved the impressive ranking of 10th in the nation for independent used cars sales, according to a survey by Auto Remarketing Magazine. The accomplishment affirms the tenacious company’s business savvy in the highly-competitive used car market.

Florida Fine Cars sales consultants provide incredible customer service!

Florida Fine Cars sales consultants provide incredible customer service!

The dealership also nabbed the overall national ranking of 61st for all used car sales. With stores in Miami, Hollywood and West Palm Beach, Florida Fine Cars continues to climb in national rankings as it garners a bigger and bigger portion of a used car market populated by mega-dealerships.

The recent rankings are based on total year sales for 2015, according to Auto Remarketing Magazine.

“We have continued to grow year in and year out, with 2015 being our best year yet! We work very hard and we’re quite proud to be in and amongst the most successful automotive dealerships in the country,” said company spokesman Jamie Suid.


Florida Fine Cars is known for its huge variety of reasonably-priced high line cars.

The customer-friendly used car dealer’s growth is visible. Florida Fine Cars recently expanded north into Palm Beach County in October 2015. The company opened a huge new store in West Palm Beach to better serve its growing customer base. The new facility offers an elegant showroom, comfortable seating and plenty of room to browse, just minutes from Florida’s Turnpike and Palm Beach International Airport.


Florida Fine Cars’ talented staff of photographers expertly photograph all the used cars for the company website.

Convenience, quality and superb customer service are the essence of the Florida Fine Cars customer experience and are what keep bringing buyers walking through the showroom doors.NewFCCLogo

“Our success is a testament to our ongoing commitment to customer service,” Suid said. “Certainly we would not have grown to such a level without listening to our customers’ needs and adjusting certain aspects of what we do accordingly. With the first half of 2016 essentially gone, we can already tell this year will be another record breaker!”

Florida Fine Cars is known nationwide for its impressive inventory of competitively-priced high line cars as well as its top notch customer service. Florida Fine Cars doesn’t charge dealer fees and doesn’t negotiate price. Customers who shop at Florida Fine Cars enjoy an atmosphere of no pressure.

“I have to say that from the moment I walked in, until I drove out with a brand new car, I felt not only welcome but completely comfortable with the staff who were always there to help,” wrote one customer who gave Florida Fine Cars a five-star review on DealerRater.

DSCN6965Wrote another customer in another five-star DealerRater review, “I went to Florida Fine Cars to purchase my first car and I can honestly say I had a great easy going experience. The whole team worked hard to make sure we got the best deal possible. The process was fast and smooth.”

Florida Fine Cars offers nearly 1,500 quality used cars for sale priced thousands below retail at its three locations combined with no dealer fee. Florida Fine Cars dealerships are conveniently located in West Palm Beach near Palm Beach International Airport and just off Florida’s Turnpike, and Hollywood and Miami.

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